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2012 BB Summit-Get Ready!


June 20, 2012 –

The 2012 Coach Summit has not officially started until tomorrow. However, registration opened today and there is P90X Certification going on. One of the nice surprises from today was seeing Tony Horton. (Thank You Brian Nopper over at for the heads up!) Tony was talking to the group going through Certification. I wanted to reiterate just a few of his points below. They really ring true. Their simplicity is criminal. Remember, this is not  rocket science.

You can see other pictures I gathered below, including one with the Mr. Coach of the Year. Well, it is just a poster of him. He doesn’t get in until tomorrow. And I just call him Wayne. :)

Tony Horton – P90X Certification Talk 

1) Nutrition

It all starts (and ends) with nutrition. The primary reason we are getting so big as a nation is not because we don’t workout. It’s because of what we put in our mouths. And unfortunately alot of what we are putting in our mouth is filled with fat, sugar, salt, and tons and tons of chemicals. Real Nutrition is really simple.

– Can I pronounce the ingredients I am eating?

– Do I recognize what the food is in nature?

– Does it have as few ingredients as possible?

– Is it a whole grain, lean protein, healthy fat, vegetable, or fruit?

2) Ego Fitness and Finding Your Line

This is something I have posted about (See HERE), but here is Tony’s take.

Ego Fitness is what causes injury. Not naming names, but Tony did say Cross Fit and Kettle Bell Training under his breath. :) Why? Because you are competing against other people to the point of injury. It is not about “Doing Your Best and Forgetting The Rest.”

– Tony says it many times in his DVDs. Don’t let your ego get in the way. However, on the flip side…

Find Your Line. If you don’t keep pushing yourself, you are not going to make change happen. Tony talked about about Line #2. (Line #3 is professional athletes.) But if you aren’t getting further down in Warrior 2 on Week 9 than Week 4, you aren’t pushing hard enough. If you aren’t trying to get out that one more rep than you aren’t pushing yourself enough. Find Your Line!!

3) Work Your Weaknesses

– You won’t get better if you don’t work your weaknesses. Some would say this goes for things beyond working out. :)

– When he asked his panel what their weaknesses were, 80% of them said Pull-Ups. His suggestion? You need to do pull-ups to improve pull-ups. The bands won’t work. Since you only do Pull-Ups 2 workouts per week in P90X, he suggested the following.

– When you have a day you don’t have pull-ups, do 3 sets of 7 reps in the morning before you workout and also at night. Use a Chair or Pull-Up Assist (See My Review HERE.) if you need to. I did a post on Modifying and Tony’s video on how to get better at Pull-Ups is in there. (See HERE.)

– The bottom line here is that the way you get better, is to KEEP DOING IT!

4) How Many Times to Workout?

– Tony’s take? It’s gotta to be a MINIMUM of 5 times per week to see change. A MINIMUM. Even in P90X2, there are 2 active recovery days, but you are expected to take your indoor fitness into the outdoor world for a couple of days.

– For those of you who are working out 3 times a week and are frustrated, commit to 5. Now 3 is better than none. There is no doubt about that. But for REAL CHANGE, it has t0 be at least 5.

5) Body Type

– Be proud of who you are! God made you the way you are through your parent’s genes. And we all have different Body Types!

– What are you? An Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph? Knowing this is really important so you will know what things are easy or hard for you. Losing Weight, Gaining Mass, etc, etc.

– Tony says he is an Ectomorph which was shocking to me. I would think of him as a Mesomorph. I am an Ectomorph. So I am a skinny dude with metabolism off the charts who is a hard gainer. Tony is a big / thick dude…even at 54! So to think he is an ectomorph just took that excuse out of my book!

6) Last Advice for those of us Giving Advice

When Tony asked how many people in the audience have received resistance from family and friends when we talk about P90X and Beachbody, almost everyone in the room raised their hands. Tony’s advice to us?

The worst kind of advice you can give is the kind of advice that was never asked.

People feel pushed into your new profound lifestyle…as if they aren’t good enough as they are. Maybe one day, they will join you, but if they dont, then what? You swallow your jagged pill and keep your mouth shut! Guess What? They are as pissed off as you are. You can’t change people who aren’t ready. To them this is some kind of crazy cult!

I thought this was pretty strong advice from Tony as I know I have done this in the past. His solution? Find other Like-Minded People. Ironically, I have written about that topic as well! (See HERE).

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