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Congrats Wayne!

July 3, 2012 –

I have to dedicate a post to my coach (and all of our coach) Wayne Wyatt. He crushed the field and nabbed the 2011 Top Coach of the Year Award. (By the way, he is in the lead in 2012 as well.) If you have not come across his home at, you need to check out why he is Top Coach.

Wayne lives up to his team name (and then some), but what makes Wayne special is who he is, not what he looks like. Wayne is orthodontist by day along with being a father to 5 children. He is a spiritual man and has maintained his humility with his extraordinary success.

How did I get to know Wayne?

I had done 90 Days of P90X, 90 Days of P90X+ and had started Insanity when Wayne’s transformation video scrolled by my Facebook Feed on the P90X Fan Page. Given he had the best 90 day transformation ever recorded, his video obvioualy caught my attention and so I went to his website. And what I saw was a guy like me. (Not physically of course. LOL.) A family man with a professional career who had a deep faith. It inspired me to take myself to the next level.

The phenomenon of teamRIPPED

I am honored to know Wayne and the broader team. He has attracted Like-Minded People  to the point where many of us who did The Asylum Challenge with him travelled down to Tulsa in September 2011. We surprised him (which was worth the trip alone) and ran a Warrior Dash the following day.

In January, I was honored to travel with Wayne celebrating his Coach of The Year announcement at the Super Saturday events in Tampa and Dallas. Aa a bonus, I got to meet with CEO Carl Daikeler 1-on-1. What a special trip!

The team he has built starts with getting healthy and fit, but has moved to real-life friendship and support. Wayne deserved this recognition although he looked uncomfortable getting so much attention. :) As Wayne said, he would be more comfortable creating a YouTube clip with his shirt off. LOL!

So the celebration Saturday night finished up with Wayne’s big presentation as Top Coach. And many of his coaches were in on another surprise. We were asked to do (2) dances for Wayne. Yes, a bunch of uncoordinated people (maybe I should speak for myself) trying to learn a (2) dances. The poor choreographer  was definitely exercising his patience.

So without further delay,  here are the 3 videos that made up The Coach of the Year Presentation at the 2012 Beachbody Summit!

  The Coach of the Year Skit “Pimp My Belt” Started this off.

TRN Homage to Coach of the Year…Wayne Wyatt – Part I

For the 720p HD Version, click HERE!

TRN Homage to Coach of the Year…Wayne Wyatt – Part II

For the 720p HD Version, click HERE!



3 Responses to “Congrats Wayne!”

  1. Great post Mike! Coach Wayne is the real deal. So glad to be a part of the larger teamRIPPED with you. You are following his lead man. Way to go!!!

  2. Vivek Chawla says:

    Wayne is a great Coach! And so are you Mike! I always follow your blogs and I really enjoy reading them.

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