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Like-Minded People

September 26, 2011 –

One of the natural highs that I experience in my life is being around like-minded people. These are people who have similar beliefs, similar experiences, similar goals, similar dispositions, etc. It doesn’t mean they are identical to you. It simply means that you share something together.

One of the oddities in the Catholic religion is that a priest (who is single and celebate) is supposed to give the bride and groom advice on their wedding day. Well, our priest recognized this and said that it is silly for him to give us advice on marriage. He then went around to all of our married family and friends and had them give us advice. However, before he did, he said the following (and I paraphrase):

“I surround myself people who love being priests and like their job as a priest. Do the same. Surround yourself with people who are excited to be married and love being married.”

Essentially, surround yourself with like-minded people. It is some of the best advice I have ever been given.

Have you even been in a conversation where everything feels like a fight or a conflict? Now think about those times you were talking to someone and it was like they were reading your mind. The conversation just flowed and you feed off of each other. Which is more enjoyable? Which gives you more energy? Which leaves your mind buzzing with excitement?

There are a ton of haters out in the world. There are people who like to be the nay-sayers, the “I-told-you-so”s, the “Just -wait-and-it will-happen-to-you-too”. You know these people, right? They surround us. They sit in the same well every day and like to pass judgement on everyone else. Get them out of your thoughts and mind. If you are trying to make a change, there is nothing more important that surrounding yourself with positive reinforcement. People who want to make that same change. People who are positive and supportive. Get the negative influences out of your life.

I created this site for those who love health and fitness. We have the same goal…to  live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I know there are many other things that we may feel quite  differently about, but this is one topic we are all passionate about. When people say that you can’t lose the weight, you won’t be able to keep your workouts up, you won’t be able to eat clean,  or you won’t be able to finish that race you signed up for, turn here. We are your support system. We are the ones who say “YOU CAN”. You will never hear anyone one on this team say “You Can’t”. It’s not in our vocabulary. And with our team name, you will never hear anyone say, “put it off until tomorrow”. We Can and We Do. And It Happens Right Now! Not tomorrow. Not in a week. Not when life slows sown (because it never does). We do it right now!

I’m going to provide a quick preview into another blog later this week. This past weekend, we surprised my coach (Wayne Wyatt) by a bunch of us traveling down to his hometown of Tulsa, OK. We had all signed up for the “Warrior Dash” going on over the weekend and on Friday night we gave him some shock and awe. All these people he had coached and had such a positive effect on where all huddles in a back porch dining area waiting for him. We had never met each other nor had he met any of us in person. But because we were like-minded, we created a bond stronger than most face-to-face relationships.  We have all had a similar health and fitness journey and we have all gotten to the place we are (a better place) in similar fashion…eating a clean diet and doing P90X, Insanity, and other Beachbody programs. It was some of the most fun any of us have had in recent memory. In fact, we are already discussing that this needs to be regular event!

Team, my advice is real simple. Whatever your real passion may be, find others who share in that passion. Seek out like-minded people to yourself!

13 Responses to “Like-Minded People”

  1. Indo says:

    Great post, Mike! I was thinking the same thing looking around at everybody at dinner—I had never been in a room with so many motivated, highly driven people who won’t EVER Fail at anything that they do because they simply won’t accept anything but their Best as well as the Best of EVERYONE in the room. It’s a great feeling.

    As Jim Rohn said, “You will BE the average of the 5 people you associate most with” and “Don’t join an EASY crowd”–hang out with people that Challenge you to be better than you are.

  2. Britt Weber says:

    Great post Mike. Like Indo, I was thinking the same thing all weekend. It’s a shame we all don’t live closer the fun we’d all have would be epic!

  3. Robbie Breaux says:

    I’m still in awe that everyone came together from across the country to meet … and strangely enough it felt like I knew you guys for years! Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Two thumbs up! Agree with Britt that it is a shame we don’t live closer together. Just wanted to let you know you inspired me to compete in a triathlon after hearing you talk about it this past weekend.

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