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My Trip with Carl Daikeler

January 23, 2012

I was extremely blessed to participate in an unbelievable trip for a Beachbody Zealot. I am honored and humbled to have had such an incredible experience happen to me.

My Beachbody Coach, Wayne Wyatt, was named the 2011 Top Coach of the Year. This is out of 65,000+ coaches. He started and his passion for Beachbody has driven hundreds and thousands of people to him. (If you haven’t visited his site, you are probably the only one. LOL!) I am blessed to call him my good friend and someone I sincerely respect inside and outside Beachbody.

Every quarter, Beachbody has a Super Saturday event where all local Beachbody Coaches and enthusiasts gather to hear about the new things happening at headquarters. (You can see the Super Saturday video at the bottom of the post below the pictures.) On this Super Saturday on January 7, they were going to name Top Coach (our very own Wayne Wyatt!). Well, with Top Coach comes privileges. And one of those privileges is riding with Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO, in his private jet from one Super Saturday event to the other. When Wayne asked me to ride along with him, all it took was a quick check with my wife Stephanie to say “yes” fast enough. I cannot thank Wayne enough for such a generous offer.

I wish everyone here could have heard Carl on that plane. The passion and belief he has in the company’s core purpose is not just a tagline. It isn’t just an empty corporate motto. It is the driving force beyond everything they do.

Help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulflilling lives.

Staying true to a corporate mission statement is not something that is easy. It is nice to live in utopia, but eventually the “business” side kicks in. Revenues, Profits, etc. However, what so impressed me about Carl was his absolute dedication to the mission. His dedication to ‘End The Trend’, even if legimiate competitors where fighting for the same thing. And his uncompromising view on quality.

He shared some really powerful stories of how unrelenting Beachbody needs to be to keep Shakeology at the quality level it started on day one. At 70+ ingredients sourced from all over the world, it is no small feat to keep quality control in check. As he stated, in this business everyone wants a piece of the profit. And when you sell raw ingredients, many times companies will put filler in. Even if they need to use 1% less raw ingredient, that adds up over time. And if everyone does that, the product becomes a far cry from its original intent when it it hits your home. As he stated, they have to double and triple check the ingredients and their sources. They have had to let some suppliers go who’s quality has gone downhill. They have had to manage ingredient price increases. As an example, he said whey protein isolate is 3x the cost right now, but the price of the product has not changed.

From my day job industry of wireless to fitness to other passions of mine, I have  people ask me all the time about product recommendations. I take this very seriously and very personally. My word is my integrity. And my integrity is what defines who I am. So if I recommend a product and the person does not have a good experience with it, I feel terrible. One of the main reasons I went to the Beachbody Summit last year, is that I wanted to see this company. I wanted to see the leaders and see what makes it tick. I wanted the headquarters tour so I could see the inner workings. And now I got the chance to speak with the CEO one on one. Friends, I have seen many companies. I have worked with many companies. I have studied many companies. This company is the real deal. I already felt so confident in recommending their products, but now my resolve is even stronger.

I believe, as Carl did when he started the company, that I can truly help people in living more heathy and fulfilling lives. Even though going through the programs and maintaining the discipline to change my lifestyle was hard at first, I believe that anyone can do it. And to increase success rates, one of the key elements Carl brought up was support.

Exercise + Nutrition + Support = Success

I have a very full time job in the wireless industry that I have enjoyed for almost 15 years. I have an amazing wife and 3 wonderful children. But instead of wasting moments of downtime, I have committed myself to be the “support” of that equation. The power of a team is unmatched. And when it comes down to it, YOU are the only one who can make it happen. But it is the team who is there for you in your weakest moments. And it is the team who is there to celebrate with you. We are here for you. And I am convinced that by using Beachbody Workouts, Nutrition, and the Support of this team, you WILL succeed at living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Below are some great pictures of the events.

Carl Taking Pictures in Tampa

Wayne is named Coach of the Year in Tampa – Great picture with Wayne and Carl

I had to take pictures with the P.A.P. Upper Cast. I am 6’1 so yes…Wayne and Robert  are as tall as they look next to Tony in the video!

Carl and Me

Carl, Robert and Melissa Hudgens, Ashley Scott and Guest, Wayne, and myself – It was a really tough flight!

One on One time with Carl. Wow! How awesome is that!

Carl Talking in Dallas

7 Responses to “My Trip with Carl Daikeler”

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Wonderful Post Mike! What a great opportunity. It’s great to know that the CEO is in this for all the right reasons.

  2. Steve says:

    What an honor Mike. Thanks for sharing, this one’s a keeper.

  3. Vivek Chawla says:

    That was cool Mike!!

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