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Power of Visualization

September 13, 2012 –

15 minutes before arriving at an opponent’s field, my high school soccer coach used to tell us to visualize ourselves in the game. Visualize what we will do when we are dribbling the ball and a defender approaches us. Visualize ourselves making a goal. Visualize various situations in the game.

The mind is a very powerful thing. And our thoughts do become our actions. If we visualize a miserable day, it will most likely be a miserable day. If we visualize ourselves giving a great presentation, then it will most likely be a great presentation. Positive or negative, our actions are controlled by our thoughts.

As you go through your life balance journey, what do you visualize? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Do you see yourself there? I mean can you really see yourself in that place?

Alot of time fear blocks out positive visualizations of ourselves. The “I Can’t”s take over and we wont even let our mind go there. I encourage you to push through this negativity. Push through this head trash. Really concentrate and visualize your success.

If it is a 90-day program, visualize yourself finishing the last rep on Day 90 and then looking at the new you in the mirror. If it is a financial goal, visualize yourself out of debt and being able to go on that vacation you have always wanted to. Visualize your toes in the sand and the sun beating on your face. Visualize the smell of the ocean. Really visualize the details.

Once you can visualize your success, you will believe in it. And once you believe in it, nothing can stop you!

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