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Breakfast of Champions

September 14, 2012 –

The rumors are true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I used to always skip breakfast. I was just in too much of a rush. (ehem…excuse!) So this was a big change when I started P90X. I gave myself plenty of time to make myself a good breakfast. In that first 90 days, my breakfast of choice was an 8 egg white omelet with various veggies.

Now my favorite breakfast is Steel Cut Oats soaked overnight in unsweetened almond milk with blueberries and touch of agave nectar. I may even throw some walnuts on there which is pure brain food. I learned this overnight soaking trick when I did the Vital Life Cleanse last November. So before I go to bed each night, I pour 1/2 cup of Steel Cut Oats in a bowl and cover them with unsweetened almond milk. By the morning, the oats are nice and tender. It is a great source of energy in the morning and it is quick. I will also add a side of cantaloupe, which is one of my favorite fruits.

Another great choice, especially in the winter is Brown Rice Farina. It takes about 6-7 minutes in boiling water and is a great hot cereal. I picked this one up while doing The Ultimate Reset .

Alot of people I know have Shakeology for breakfast. (I have mine for my mid morning snack!.) This is super easy, nutritionally dense meal to start off your day

So why is breakfast so important?

1) It Revs Up Your Metabolism! – Nutrition in your stomach, triggers the brain which in turn flips on your systems to start digesting. When you don’t have anything in your stomach, your body conserves your energy and fuel and slows your metabolism.

2) It Stops Bing Eating! – When you start out your day right, eating 5 small meals a day ensures that you are keeping constant fuel going into your body. As you skip meals, you are way more likely to bing on your next meal because you are “So Hungry!”. And there is a great likelihood that that meal will be high in fat and poor calories. This describes the old me to a T! I used to eat a massive lunch and a massive dinner. 2 meals a day. I had no idea that this was the exact approach sumo wrestlers use to gain weight (Yes, seriously!)

3) Good Fuel = Happier You! – When I get hungry, I get grumpy. When my blood sugar drops, I am in a bad mood! And when I don’t fuel my body correctly, my brain doesn’t function well. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will give your body what it needs to perform for you! Your body is a race car. Put in the good stuff and it will  put out for you!

So as you start your Life Balance Journey, make this simple change. Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Eat 5 times a day. Smaller more consistent meals is the key to revving up your metabolism, burning fat all day long, and making you more productive all day long!

I appreciate all your comments. The dialogue is why I write. So please leave a message below!

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