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Hungry For Change!

October 12, 2012 –

A new movie was released this year called “Hungry For Change“. (See their website HERE.) Now I have to admit that I love these kind of documentaries. I have done reviews on Food, Inc, Killer At Large , and Forks Over Knives. I have done some reviews on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” as well. And while “Hungry for Change” hits on  many topics about our food, I believe what sets it apart is the discussion about the mental and spiritual aspects of our health. How body, mind, and spirit do work as one!

The agenda of this movie (and it’s website) is clear. To educate us on why all the diets, weight loss strategies, and fads DON’T WORK! It educates us to go back to the basics of what our bodies really want and that is what nature provides us. It definitely takes big hits at the food industry and frankly, I am okay with that. I am fed up with the flat out irresponsibility of multi-billion dollar corporations putting multi-million dollar ad campaigns out on food that is not only bad for us, but toxic and addictive.

I also really liked that this film addressed what is REALLY happening inside us: the mental games we play. For example, the constant negative self talk we give ourselves. And at the end of the day, the mandatory requirement that remains is to LOVE OURSELVES!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching this movie! No matter where you are in your journey, this movie is a must see. And I believe it will really shed a light on the reason why really smart people cannot seem to eat right even though they know what they are eating is not good for them.

If you really want happiness and health and a positive YOU, it starts with what you put in your mouth and what you say when you look in the mirror at yourself. This is it. It is not about P90X, Insanity, or looking like a fitness model. I believe this film does a great job addressing both of those things.

Take 90 minutes some night and sit down and really watch this movie. Be open minded and absorb it. I thought there were so many good nuggets in this film, I took notes and have posted them below. (They are rough.) Enjoy!

10/10/12 – Hungry For Change – Mike’s Notes


“One third of all woman and One quarter of all men in the US are on a diet.” – Colorado University

– We live in a World of Abundance and an Attitude of Lack.

– We are not eating food anymore. We are eating food-like products.

“More than $60Billion is spent each year on diet and weight loss in the US” – Marketdata Report

 “Up to Two-Thirds of those on a diet regain more weight than when they started.” – UCLA

– Diets are temporary, which means they have failure built right into them.

– Why are highly intelligent people doing this? They dont know the nature of the trap.

– It is not our fault! As mammals, we are programmed to put on fat whenever there is food available!

“The average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar and sweeteners each year.” – US Department of Agriculture

– Sugar is the cocaine of the food world! It is in everything. We eat 22 teaspoons of sugar a day!

– People are overfeed today, but also starving to death…nutritionally

– It’s not just what your eating, but also what is eating you!

How We Are Wired

– As a specieis, our body is biologically adapted to find calories (i.e. sugars / fats).

– If we eat something sugary, our brain says, “Yes, I want more of this!”. This was for survival when we were living in hunter / gatherer societies. But back then, the  food was HIGH in nutrition and LOW in calories. Today, we have HIGH calories and LOW nutrition.

– You can eat 10,000 calories a day and still starve yourself nutritionally. As long as cells don’t get nourished, you are still hungry because your body is asking for more nutrients.

Famine and Stress

– In the past, when we had famine, the body held onto fat to help it survive.

– Famine = Stress. So as we are stressed, the body does the same thing!

– So we are programmed this way and today we have feast like crazy, but there is no famine.

How do I take of myself?

– What do I put in my body that is compromised at this point?

– How do I boost my immune system?

– How do I increase my longetivity?

– Its all in What You Eat, What You Think, and What You Drink!

Food-Like Products

– We are not eating food anymore. We are eating food-like products.

– Food is adorned. It looks better, smells better and is presented so people are attracted to it.

– They are made so they have long shelf life. The objective is not to give you a healthy product. It is ito give you a product that will make you buy it, make it last long on the shelf, and make alot of money for the company.

Chemicals , Processed Food, and Addiction

– Processed Junk Food diets combined with indoor lifestyle. Our bodies were not designed to do this! Way too many caories, not enough nutrients, and not enough use for those calories.

– Obesity. Low Energy. Fog Incognition. They refuse to take responisbility for it and they leave it to a doctor who gives them medication which doesn’t address the real issue.

– The biggest case of obesity is addiction. People can understand addiction to tobacco and alcohol. The way cigarettes and nicotine is addictive is the same way certain fods are addictive. People know they shouldn’t do it, but have no idea why they are doing it.

– The food companies engineer addictions. They identify what appeals to the avergae consumer and use chemical derivatives to addict them.


“MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of all processed foods.” – Raymond Francis M.Sc MIT

– MSG and Free Glutamates can be hidden behind over 50 different names.

– MSG not only wants to make you want to eat more, it excites the brain to make you want to eat more. It activates the fat program in our brain.

Google “MSG-obesity induced mice” When studies are done on obesity, they use MSG to make mice fat!

– Processed Food or Diet Soda will make you momentarily uplifted or happy. But then that feeling drops away and you feel empty. The food companies want you to go buy another can or another bag.

– If I am in the food industry, I want to sell you more food! I can manipulate the chemical structure of the food to make it not fulfilling so you buy more, but that when I eat it, it tastes like the most fulfilling thing!

Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners

– Diet Cola (Asparthame and Caffeine). These 2 ingredients together create an excitotoxin that kills off brain cells. But before they die, they have this excitement (like a buzz). A diet cola addict will drink 1-2L a day. And woman in particular, stop eating. and use diet coke as their way to get through the day!

– Look at all the foods that contain aspartame

-Aspartame causes formaldihide build up in the brain. It causes frontal lobe inflamation, Migraines, Visual Disturbances, it mimics symptoms from MS, Headaches, Neurologic Problems, Cognitive Problems. It leads to different kind of cancers.

Studies that exam the toxicity of Asparthame

– 90% of studies funded by industry show that there is NO problems with aspartame

– 90% of studies independently funded show that there ARE problems.

“Research studies suggest that artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain” – Yale Journal of Biology

– Some of the artificial sweeteners have been proven to cause cravings of carbohydrates.

– Unfortunately, when an artifical sweetener is manufactured, the manufacturer funds the study and sends to regulatory agency (FDA). The FDA only evaluates the studies that the manufacture submitted (and they funded).

– Food companies know that if you addict a customer, you have them for life. And they do this with MSG, processed sugar, aspartame, etc.


– Marketing lies to you and says that this can of soda (or whatever) will bring you certain bebefits by association (have friends, look great, etc).

– The reality is that you will lose bone mineral density because of the phosophic acid in soda, you may surfer nurological problems due to the chemical sweeteners. If it is not a diet soda, it is probably made with HFCS which will promote diabetes and obesity!

Marketing of Zero Calaories, No Fat, No Sugar 

– Labeling is very deceptive.

– Name of foods is what the company hopes you might imagine you are eating (Example: Total Blueberry and Pmogranite)

– There are things that are not on the label, like Propylene Glycol (C3H8O2)

– Used in Blueberry Muffines. Makes the “blueberries” along with partially hydrogenated oiks, liquid sugars, and artifical colors.

– Also used to winterize your RV

 – Also used to clean out your colon before a colonoscopy


-America has choosen FAT as the enemy! So everything became FAT FREE!

– FAT was replaced with Carbohydrates and resulted in the fattest coutnry in the world

“68% of US adults are overweight or obese.” – the Journal of The American Medical Association

-Fat Free means it is loaded with sugar. A 2lb of sugar is 100% fat free. But once the sugar is injested,what happens?

– The sugar sends your sugar levels sky high.

– The pancreas produces insulin in order to bring that level down so you dont die.

– Insulin is the fat producing hormone!

– All this excess energy comes and the body says, where do we put it? Short Term? Liver?

– Where do we put the rest? Fat Cells and we will use them later. The problem is that there is never a later.

Healthy Fat

– Your body needs fat! It needs to get the right kind of fat.

– A Low Fat diet makes you constantly hungry. You need healthy fats to make you feel satiated.

– Low Grade Fats – Soybean Oil, Canoloa Oil, Corn Oil

Worst Fats – Partially Fats (Partially Hydronated Oils)

– Health Fats – Avocado, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Wild Caught Salmon

 High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Sugar

-HFCS – There is danger in refining and concentrating ingredients! Scientists learned how to separate fructose from corn. It is an isolated nutrient! Think of cocaine vs. having tea from the cocoa plant.

– White sugar is the purified sucrose extracted from sugar cane.

– White flour is pharamacutical version of grain

-Cocaine , White sugar, and white flour are similar in that they are whitened, extracted, and ioslated substance that is pulled out from the plant.

– #1 source of calories in the US is fructose (fruit sugar)

– 1900s – 15g per day

– Present – 70-80g

– Many kids – 120-150g per day

HFCS is in so much food we eat- salad dressing, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, juices, sodas, everything!

– Stay away from the isolates! Stay away from things that are not natural , isolated. and should be consumed as its full bioavailable nurietnt complexity.

– Nutrient Complex is how things should be consumed.

– Fluffy Carbohydrates and Poor Breads. These carbs are immediately converted to sugar.

-When you are thinking about what to eat. You need to think about sugar in different forms.

Americans are eating 150lbs of sugar per year and 70lbs HFCS per year. That is 22 Tsp of sugar a day!

– Sugar increases beta endorphins in the brain (natural opiate). When you are stressed or depressed, you want to eat comfort foods. Foods that make sugar directlty into fat.

– Its about getting that sugar high, getting that beta endorphone rush.

– Once you understand that sugar is a drug just like alcohol, you will look at it differently. You become habituated to the effect. Need more and more and more to give you the same effect.

– Walk the aisles in the average grocery store and look at how much sugar is in our kid’s breakfast cereals!

– It is illegal to give alcohol and cigarettes to a child, but it is okay to give white refined sugar or refined fat. Food kills more people than drugs combined.

The ruth is premature death is coming from sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes.


-Diets love to take one of the macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat) and they are eliminating one. Weight loss is temporary, but true health is long term. You borrow from Peter to pay Paul with a diet.

– Every time you lose 10lbs, your body wants to protect you from famine again and puts back on 15lbs.

– We are barking up the wrong tree. We are loooking for superficial results. Many dont realize that that can be achieved from the inside out.

– We go to all these fads. They dont work and we wonder why.

– We are violeting our basic survival laws. Everytime you force your body to lose weight, your body will gain weight

– You can manipulate ratio of macronutrients and calories. (Atkins – No Carbs. Pritikin Diet = All Carbs)

– A diet’s defintion is the foods that an organism eats to sustain itself! A real diet is something a species eats! We are eating a diet that no longer resembles food that we are biological adapted to.

– The mental part of a diet! Don’t focus on diet.

“I want that, but I CAN’T have it. I CAN have it, but I don’t want it.”

– Add in the good stuff and it will crowd out the bad stuff. Add in cucmbers, apples, plant-foods, vegetables, animals food of high quality.

Ask yourself, “Could I replace this food with a better ingredient?” Can you move towards adding things to get back to your natural diet?

Recovery and Healing

-We decided to create chemicals many decades ago and they  have contaminated everything. We need to move away from better living  with chemistry and more torwards living better with nature!

– There are 2 ways the body protects itself

– Mucas

– Retains and generates more fat

-Toxins are left in your body unless you can make them water soluable so they can sweat off / peed off.

– You have to address the fact that you are being assaulted by toxins.

– The body wants to naturally detoxify, providing there are no toxins coming in!

– Foods that detoxify the boDy are green vegetables (ChlorphylL-rich food), gelatinous plant foods / fibers (chia seeds), parsley, and cilantro.

– Put in gentle foods and be out in nature, and your body will detoxify.

– The simpler the foods, the better you will feel.


– Vegetables are the most beneficial food groups!

2 Important Reasons for Juicing

1) Most peple dont consume enough raw fruits and vegetables.

2)  Most people are overfed, under nourished, and thier digestive system is beaten up!

– Its easy to absorb! Fresh extracted juice is a 15 minute nutrient express to health. You will consume far more fresh vegetables.

– Removed refined sugars, refined fats, and replace it with organic vitamin rich fuels in the easiest, most digestible form!

Cleaning and Detoxification

– Side Effects – It will make you lose weight,  make your eyes white, and make your skin glow.

– When we are healthy inside out, there is a deep richness in our hair and skin and a luster in our nails. A feeling… a shine and glow. This is possible through natural foods.

– The skin is a true symbol of our health because it is the last place to get nutrients. So if you can drive those nutirents all the way to the skin, then you know it has gottne everywhere else too.

Skin, Hair, and Nails are all clear signs of health.

What is Eating You?

– The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study says that obesity is not the problem. Its the solution! Its a solution to chronic stress, sexual abuse, dysfunctional family, etc.

– Where are you not satisfied? Are you in a dead end job? Too much pressure in your life? Old / residual Tramas / Dramas?

– If you are upset , “Don’t Eat”! When we are upset, we have no connection with whether we are satiated or not.

– Sleep Deprevatation, Dehydration, Mental / Emotional Stress – Chemistry changes and is very similar to a famine.

– Stress Hormones – Cortisol and Epinephrine.

– Prednisone (Steroid Medicine) – You will gain 20/30lbs regardless of what you eat.

– #1 Best Way to digest stress hormones is to sleep. Deep Sleep with metabolize excess Cortisol and Epinephrine better than anything else.

– If you have been under stress and sleep for 3-4 hours a night, you will gain 2lbs just from that. This is fluid retention.

– #2  Best Way ot digest stress hromoenes is exercise. It is as good as any antidepressants for mild to moderate dperessions.

– #3 Laughter decreased stress hormones. Improves immunity. Decreases Pain

Power of Visualization

This is so powerful for transformations and body changes because it is like the language that you can use to talk to your sub conscious. Your sub conscious is responsible for how much oxygen you get, how fast your heart beats, how fat or thin you are. Visualization / Symbols is the universal language.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” – Anthony Robbins. 

– Are you happy with what you see in the mirror? Most are! And they pound themselves that they are not any good, they cant believe what they have done to themselves.

– Group – Let us love you until you love yourself!

– When you take care of yourself, you realize you are precious. You give others the permission to be in love with themselves and in love with life.

– Love is safety. This is engrained in us from when we are a baby When you feel you are not being loved, then your primal feeling of safety is gone.

– The concept of loving yourself is key to all of it. If you have message in your head that you are a worthless piece of crap, I’ll never be good enough, no one loves me, etc, you need to take this prescription…

– For 30 days, tape a note to your mirror that says “I accept myself unconditionally RIGHT NOW”. Twice a day look into your eyes and say this. Wait for the messages to arise. You look like crap, you have cellulite, etc. Do it for 30 days and your thoughts will become more positive.You are planting a new affirmation. When you start to do thins, you develop a muscle. You become a witness to yourself.

” I am by nature a dealer in words and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity” – Rudyard Kipling

– Self-Love improves your hearing, your eye sight, lowers blood pressure, cardiac output, increases pulmonary function, helps with wiring the musculature.

~You can improve your life and your mind and outlook on life by asking 3 questions

1) Where does my food come from?

2) What went into the food in terms of attidue, love. care, or compassion?

3) What is my intention to do with the food? Is the food to support me for a good purpose? Is it for entertainment?

Your body is designed to be healthy!

I appreciate all your comments. The dialogue is why I write. So please leave a message below!

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