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UR-Week 2 Review

June 12, 2012 –

Week 2 is Complete! This is the “Release” Phase where you introduce the Detox supplement. If you have not seen my Week 1 (Reclaim) Review, check it out HERE. I want to use a similar format as I did last week to review Week 2.

– Hard Data (Can you tell I am an engineer?!)

– Am I on track to meet my “Why”

– How am I handling my fears

– How do I feel overall?

If f you haven’t seen “My Why” and “My Fears” on Day 0, you can check it out HERE.

If you dont want to read, here is my video recapping Week 2!

Hard Data

My updated results are below. So physically, I lost another 1.5 lbs. Similar to last week, I am not really happy of that, but it is a side effect that I knew was going to happen. I also saw some changes in my measurements this week. Again…not thrilled being that it is really tough for me to gain muscle. Some are small enough where it could be measurement error.

I knew the physical measurements would be going in the wrong direction from my long term goals. However, this was not part of my 21-Day WHY anyway.

Tracking “My Why”

I had (4 ) Whys that I explained in my video.

1) Try It Myself – Each week brings on new challenges so doing this remains critical for me to help anyone going through this.

2) Timing – This is continuing to be a great time to do this. I had no travel last week and no travel planned for this week. I will reiterate that travelling while doing the UR could be very difficult given the restrictive diet.

3) Need a Reset? – I felt great the first 7 days without a workout. Now I am starting to feel more antsy to get back in there! But as I said last week, time will tell if this was the plateau buster I needed.

4) Partnership – This has continued to be a great experience. It continues to bring us closer together. This was my most important WHY and has been the most rewarding part of the program…bar none.

Tracking “My Fears”

I had (2 ) Fears that I explained in my video. I want to thank “The Crew” for helping during this week. It was harder for me than last week. These fears seemed to poke up their heads more. But they set me straight!

1) Calorie Reduction – I am actually in quite  a rhythm with the nutrition plan. The only time I feel hungry is when I space my meals too far out (not intentionally). However, David, Joe, Robbie, and Carl set me straight as I was getting down about my weight loss.

It’s no different than the first round of P90X. “Don’t look at scale”! Do I feel better? Is my energy level up? Am I enjoying doing the program alongside Steph? Fous on the positives! 

Well said boys!

2) No Workouts! – This week it was harder to refrain from working out. I really feel I needed that rest in the first week, but now I have the itch to get in there and tear it up. For 3 of my 7 days, I did some light workouts.

– P90X – X Strech

1-on-1, Vol1  Power 90 Road Warrior

1-on-1, Vol1 – Results 4 Recovery

– P90X2 Recovery+Mobility

I used light weights on both of the 1-on-1s. I haven’t done Results4 Recovery in well over a year. I forgot how good that is for an “active” recovery routine.

How Am I Feeling?

Overall, I am feeling great. The food I am eating is not radically different than what I ate before this. However, my biggest challenge is going through endorphin-withdrawl. I don’t think that is an actual medical term (LOL!), but if I have one addiction it really is the high after crushing a workout. It really is a great feeling.

By the way, if you have NOT downloaded the Ultimate Reset Worksheets, these are a must. They have really helped keep me organized through this.

Final Thoughts on Week 2

One thing The UR eliminates from your diet in Week 2 is grains in the morning, so I have been having a ton of fruit. It is not a bad thing, but I have missed my oatmeal.

In addition to alot of fruit, you take a Detox supplement 3 times a day. The claim is that it is “Gentle Detox” that will not keep you in the bathroom all day long. I know different people have different experiences, but I know everyone wants to know this: “How often do you have to go?” We are all big boys and girls. We can talk about this. :) I had a bowel movement once a day. That’s it. Now I think eating clean prior to this Reset has something to do with this, but although I was a bit nervous given others experiences durting Week 2, it was no different than Week 1 for me in that department.

As I start Week 3 today (Restore), you stop taking Detox and start taking Revitalize which restores healthy bacteria in your digestive tract after you just cleaned it out. :)

7 More days to go!

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2 Responses to “UR-Week 2 Review”

  1. Robbie says:

    Keep up the great work Mike! Just for the record, the only thing that appears to have dropped is the lbs … everything else is lookin great!Home stretch!!!

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