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Shakeology Tropical

June 23, 2011 –

On June 17, 2011 at the Beachbody Summit, Carl Daikeler announced the Third and Latest Flavor of Shakeology…Tropical! I have put together a video with Carl’s announcement as well as a live reaction of my first tasting of Shakeology Tropical! Have a look…

Here is the Official Trailer for Shakeology Tropical!

So here is run down of all that I know from Carl’s speech and other events at summit.

“Tropical” is the 3rd Flavor of Shakeology (with Chocolate and Greenberry).

Availability – It is going through final longevity testing now. Assuming testing goes well. the goal is to ship by end of year 2011.

– I saw slides at different events that showed Tropical as 130 calories (as opposed to 140 for the other 2 flavors.)

– They served “Tropical” every day at Summit. (You can see it on the leftmost table in the picture on the right.) You can see the recipe they used in the video. Many of us were disappointed we didn’t get to taste it with just water.

– Some of the key ingredients were discussed in the Shakeology breakout meeting with Darin Olien and Isabelle Daikeler , including Coconut Nectar Flower and Himalayan Salt. See more on these ingredients HERE!

– Although the product is going through Glycemic Index Testing now, Darin expects the product to actually come in lower than Chocolate or Greenberry. This is really impressive given these flavore already have the Low GI seal!

– A leaked version of the Shakeology Tropical Calendar can be seen below!

As more information comes out, I will ensure to keep the team updated.

3 Responses to “Shakeology Tropical”

  1. jay Garbarino says:

    As noted at minute 6:46 in upper video, was it really 8 cups of Milk per 1 scope of mix?

  2. […] it has whey, which is a diary product, we were to eliminate it for 30 days. The good news is that Tropical Shakeology will be Vegan so in future cleanses, I will not have to eliminate it. Instead of Shakeology, I made […]

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