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Supplement Worksheet

May 20, 2011 –

You guys know me. I need to have a spreadsheet for everything. Data has been my friend during my journey. So as I looked at my daily supplements, I created a spreadsheet to help me see how I am doing. Obviously, I am getting additional vitamins, minerals, and other good stuff from my diet. But I wanted to add everything up and see what the results looked like. I measured everything against the standard FDA daily value which is based on a 2000 calories diet.

Here is how you use the spreadsheet. I have put my supplements in the sheet. However,  you may have different brands or more or less supplements. You can add these to the sheet and add them to the sum at the end. The servings size is highlighted in “Yellow” and adjusts the amounts. So, if you take (2) scoops of Wheybolic Extreme Whey Protein. then just change the “3” to “2”.

You can download the spreadsheet HERE. It is under “Coach Mike Miscellaneous Downloads”. Not that you can read it, but I have given a brief preview of it below as well. It is quite big! :)

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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