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Day 91

March 8, 2012 –

Congratulations. You have finished your 90 day program (or however many days your program is)! If you did P90X, you are a select few as less than 25% of the people who start the program, finish the program. If you have cleaned up your nutrition, been consuming Shakeology, and been BRINGING IT to your workouts, you are a new person. The person from Day 0 is long gone.

So now what? Day 91! This is when your short-tern journey becomes a lifestyle.  I could not have found a better photograph to illustrate the feeling of Day 91. You are on top of your mountain, yet there is another one in the distance. Your journey is not over. This  is a life long journey.  So you need to start with another WHY. It could be some of the following:

– I never want to “get in shape again”. I want to maintain what I have worked hard for.

– Now that I have a strong foundation, I want to focus on muscle mass.

– I lost weight, but still need to lose more to reach my goal weight. I want to do the program again.

– I am finally going to sign up for that race I have wanted to do and train for that.

– I want to Pay It Forward and become a coach for someone else (everyone should consider this one!)

Whatever it is, you need to Press Play on Day 91, just as you did on Day 1. Personally when I finished P90X, I did P90X+. Then when I did 90 days of that, I did Insanity. Then after that, I built a hybrid.

Since so much of the team does P90X, I want to address that program specifically. Prior to P90X2 coming out, most people would start creating their own hybrid. Instead of Plyometrics and Kenpo, they would substitute in some Insanity workouts. Or they would start substituting 1-on-1 discs. I love the 1-on-1s, which is why I spent so much time reviewing them. (See my 1-on-1 Headquarters HERE.) I have created numerous hybrids and you can find many of them HERE under “Workout Calendars”. If you have finished P90X, you CAN move right to P90X2. I had the benefit of doing months of the 1-on-1, Volume 3 series to prep me for P90X2. P90X2 is not necessarily harder, but it is different with much more focus on balance and synergistic movements.

Regardless of the program you choose next, the most important thing is to stay on your nutrition plan. Keep eating healthy. You worked so hard to break your old habits, keep working to improve your new habits. Maybe there is something you want to focus on this round. I remember one of my steps was to reduce my sodium intake. Another one was to stop drinking Crystal Light and drinking more water. Another time it was making Shakeology a part of my daily nutrition. And then after year sof doing it, it went to eating all Whole Foods, Plant-Based! Whatever it is, keep challenging yourself. Keep upping your game. And most importantly, remember where came from and how hard it was to get where you are today.

Remember, this is the fun part. As always, I am here for you to give you ideas on what you want to do next. Contact me, dont be shy.

Day 91 is truly the first day of your new lifestyle. Congratulations!

4 Responses to “Day 91”

  1. Jeff L says:

    Great post Mike! All the grad out there should definitely consider P90X2. I think it’s Beachbody’s best program hands down.

  2. Indo says:

    Great Post, Mike!

  3. Don says:

    Great post, you have had awesome results!

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