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Fire Starter Pack

April 4, 2011 –

I have tried Turbo Fire and I can fully attest to the fact that I have no coordination whatsoever. I was frustrated as I have never done an choreographed movements in my life. I hung in there for about 4 workouts just to give it a fair chance. And while I sweat like crazy and burned a ton of calories, I realized I was not made to do this. LOL!

Well, apparently Chalene has been listening because she has launched a few new Turbo Fire discs today. So i will let the woman herself explain what the new discs are about and why there was a need to create them.

I think Chalene hit the nail on the head with creating a Low Impact, yet still very High Intense workout. Below are some details on each of the new DVDs. You can also see the full Product Guide HERE.

To order the Fire Starter Pack, Click HERE!

Intro DVD

  • Get fired up as Chalene guides you through the program and provides tips on how to be successful. 
  • Fire Starter Class – Chalene introduces the moves one by one so newcomers can start off on the right foot and fans can perfect their form.

New Lower impact HIITS

Two hot, new workouts to help acclimate the body to the intensity level of TurboFire. Remember, low impact does not mean low intensity!

Team Beachbody Exclusive DVD ($29.95 value)

Keep on Burnin’ – New DVD, now with 2 bonus workouts

  • Greatest HIITS – 20 min compilation of all the best TurboFire HIIT drills to scorch max calories.
  • Ab Igniter – Intense 10-minute workout filled with advanced options to isolate core muscles and build a strong 6-pack.


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