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It’s Time To Upgrade

September 19, 2012 –

The health and fitness industry is a multibillion dollar industry. And unfortunately, there is alot of crap out there. It is all show and no go. How many gadgets, gizmos, pills, and potions have been advertised as the magic solution? Get great results, with less energy, eating the same foods you do today, in only 5 minutes a day! I mean, it’s laughable, right? We want to believe it, even though our brain knows better. And so we buy it to see if it will work.

Stumbling From Product to Product 

When I bought P90X, I had never seen the infomercial. In fact, I found it on Bowflex’s website because the workout program they gave me with my Selectech dumbbells wasn’t do anything for me. But what made me press “Buy Now” was that it was the “total solution” and it was advertised as “hard work“.

I am not here to put down the rest of the health and fitness industry. Although, some of the gadgets above are pretty funny. ThighMaster! LOL! You see some of these products and understand why the industry has such a bad rap. So many people don’t want the real fix. They want a shortcut. But the truth is that everything else is just a band aid.

I am a product guy at heart. This is what I did for my career in the corporate world. I like to compare and contrast and find out what is the best in a field. I love electronics, so I am constantly scouring for what is the best. Because once I figure out what the best is, I can work my way down the price tier and see what features I am losing and how much value I attribute to them.

But what if the best product is not the most expensive? What if I can get a proven solution, while spending a fraction of the cost of a big piece of fitness equipment, like a treadmill? The reality is that this is one industry where the highest cost product does not equal the best results or the most effective solution.

Upgrade to a Proven Formula that Works…Everytime!

Well,  I BELIEVE WE ALL NEED TO UPGRADE! Stop buying crap! Hey, we owned a Nordic Track when I was growing up. Sure it made me sweat, but it was not the complete solution. The solution for success is very simple and very powerful at the same time:


That’s it! You need all 3! These 3 Pillars will form the foundation of your health and fitness for the rest of your life! But you need the whole solution. I have been passionate about using numerous Beachbody programs  to see if each one holds up under its own merit. My conclusion is that what we offer at Beachbody is the best…the absolute best in the industry. Period. And the cost is the best value out there. I truly believe that. Why? Because It Works! The formula works. The total package works. And I have seen hundreds to literally thousands of results that prove it over and over again.

It all begins with YOU! What is your “Why”!

So figure out your Why. I mean really understand what goals you want to achieve. And losing 20 lbs is not a deep, emotional why!

– Why do you want to lose 20lbs?

– What have you tried before to lose that 20lbs?

– What will happen if you don’t lose that 20 lbs?

– What is preventing you from losing those 20lbs now?

– What things do you want to do, that you can’t do now, if you do lose those 20lbs?

Be honest with yourself! Ask yourself the tough questions!! I don’t want to encourage people to break down in tears, but get emotional about it. Feel the tug on your heart strings and say out loud, “I am going to change this now! Absolutely, right now! And there is no turning back”

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

This not just a flippant tagline. It starts right now. You need to DECIDE to change. And you need to COMMIT to starting now, following the program, and finishing strong! And I guarantee, you will SUCCEED!

I am here to help you the whole way. Every baby step. Every big step. Every milestone. Every stumble. We are going to do this together!! So TAKE ACTION NOW and get in to my challenge group. Details are below!

Invest in Yourself and Get an Upgrade!

 These are the BEST programs. The ABSOLUE BEST. Period.  This is the whole package.

FREE Support. GREAT Nutrition. WORLD CLASS Workouts.

Join my Challenge Group starting October 1. 

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