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Using Science to Maximize Results

September 3, 2012 –

In the July 2012 Issue of Wired Magazine, they have a great article on how much science is playing a role in Olympic Training. After all, races are won by hundredths of a second. And science is now providing a flood of data to analyze every movement of an athlete. (You can check out the article HERE.)

One of my challenges before finding Beachbody was that I would just make up some routines. I was always somewhat active and I started lifting weights when I was 12 or 13. So I always dabbled in things and would do a little of this or a little of that. But I could never get the real results. And being an Ectomorph didn’t help either.  I could never seem to break my plateaus and then I would get discouraged.

Well, the great news is that science is becoming available to all of us common folk too! f When I picked up P90X in December 2009, I kind of brushed off all these “science claims” like Muscle Confusion. I simply thought that it had a great variety of workouts and it had a the full system, including nutrition. Little did I know that these sports science claims were not just another tag line and there was over 2 years of development in creating the program. (See the Making of P90X HERE.)

You look at P90X2, and sport science is taken to the next level! Dr. Marcus Elliot created P3, which stands for the Peak Performance Project. Professional Athletes from every sport are coming to his facility to train.The P.A.P. (Post Activation Potentiation) workouts in the last phase of P90X2 are from P3! (You can see the video with Carl, Tony, and Marcus  HERE.)

Body Beast is another example of a program that was in research for 2 years to create not only the workouts, but the specific formulation of the supplements.

Before Shakeology launched, that product was in development for 2 years and they continue to improve it.

What I really respect about Beachbody is they do all the science for you to get you the fastest results…the right way! There are plenty of “Get Fit Quick” schemes, but they don’t work because they don’t exist. These programs are hard work and if anyone advertises that you can get a 6 pack without hard work, be very weary!

However, even though they have taken advantage of the latest sports science and made it available to us,  we need to follow the plan for it to work! People like to say they “know better”. Or they want to change this or that. I continually ask that you just TRUST THE PROGRAM. If you keep doing the right things everyday, you will see results. But you need to FOLLOW THE PROGRAM! And this absolutely means the Nutritional Guides. Results are made in the kitchen, not in your home gym. Yes, working out is very important. But the real results and the real lifestyle changes come from your eating habits. And these programs take into account the workouts, nutrition, and supplements. They are synergistic and work together. Incorporating a proper post-workout recovery drink is really important in very challenging programs like P90X and Insanity. Drinking  Shakeology everyday is really important. Eating 5 meals a day and focusing on whole foods is the foundation of healthy eating habits. All these things work together synergistically.

I know it is hard to make all the changes at once. I sure couldn’t! I focused on the big things first and then slowly started chipping away at the smaller things.  Remember, this is about PROGRESS not PERFECTION.

So take advantage of all the Research and Development Beachbody has done. We don’t need to be a sports scientists, but we need to follow the plans they lay out for us to see the results that we want!

I appreciate all your comments. The dialogue is why I write. So please leave a message below!

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