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The Latest on Tony!

May 30, 2011 –

Tony Horton joined the coach’s call on May 23, 2011 and I want to share what he had to say. I have also put a link the full call below. Feel free to download the MP3 and listen for yourself!

What has Tony been up to?

As you can imagine, Tony is a very busy guy. He travels alot. And at 52, he continues to spread the message on the importance of health and fitness.

1) He was invited by the Armed Forced to do a a short tour in Italy and he hit 3 bases there and  worked with the troops.

2) Mark Briggs, Robert Hudgens, and Tony were in Japan for 16 days and  left 2 weeks before the earthquake and tsunami. If you look at Mark Briggs You Tube page, you can see some of the videos from their trip. I have included one below.

3) Tony continues to be a favorite for Congressman and Senators in D.C. by working out in the Congressional gym. Obama himself is using P90x Plus, while  Michelle is using P90x. If that isn’t an endorsement, I’m not sure what is!

4) In October, he will do another tour in Europe hitting Italy, Germany, Bosnia,and possibly the UK.

The P90x and Beachbody Revolution!

Tony spent a good amount of time talking about the unbelievable success of P90x and Beachbody.  P90x is still the #1 fitness product and it is 7 years old. Professional football players, basketball players, celebrities,  and even ESPN talks about P90x.

Why is P90x so successful? Because it, along with all of Beachbody’s products, offer real solutions. There is no gimmick. It provides variety, consistency, and intensity. This company is in it for the long term and want you to change your health and fitness forever.

Tony also talked about how great Beachbody Coaching is and success stories he has seen around him. What do most people need in this country more than anything else? Better health and better fitness! Be a part of a real catalyst to real change in this country. Be part of the solution, process, and company. Be a coach and not only get physically fit, but financially fit as well.

Tony commented on Beachbody as a business. He lives very close to the corporate HQ in Santa Monica and sees the buzz and physical expansion of the facilities as the employee base grows. He mentions (and I completely agree) that Beachbody offers the total solution: exercise, nutrition, and supplements. There are so many companies providing weight-loss only programs or gimmicks like shake weights. :) I became such a believer in the company and its products because it is not about gimmicks or only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. This is hard work with eating good food and taking the proper supplements to fuel your workouts. if you follow the programs, it will transform your life as has done for so many.

Tony’s Injury and the Lesson He Learned

Tony recently tore a Bicep tendon. He was doing Iron Cross Flies on rings with his feet on a stability ball.(Yup, I wont be trying that anytime soon!) His right arm gave way and his tendon snapped right off the bone. Ouch! He has had surgery and is on the mend.

However, he said he learned one of the greatest lessons in his adult life through this experience. He hasn’t been injured since he shattered his knee cap as a sophomore in college back in the ’70s. (Tony is 52 if you can believe it.) Initially, he was nervous of what he was going to do as he loves his upper body workouts. But it reminded him of how many people make excuses for not working out and used this as a way to show others what they should do when an injury or even permanent disability falls upon them.

For those who have done P90x, you know that Eric from Plyometrics has a prosthetic leg. Tony mentions it at the beginning and tells us that Eric is doing it so “I don’t want to hear any excuses out of any of you!” When Eric first started in the test group, he couldn’t do anything, but he kept showing up. Slowly and surely Eric got better and well….you can see his performance on the video. So when this injury happened, Tony asked himself where his weaknesses were: Cardio, Core, Plyo. He is being forced to work other parts of his body that he may have not focused on otherwise.  He has been doing P.A.P. Lower. (Post Activation Potentiation will be in P90X2 and is also in his 1-on-1 Volume 3). He has been amazed at how much his body is changing when he is focusing on other muscle groups. He used to do core 4 times a month and now he is doing it 3 times a week.

So, here is the lesson:

– If the top is broken, you work the bottom.

– If the bottom is broken, you work the top.

– If the top and bottom are broken, you work the core.

And this can be applied to more than  just exercise. It could be applied to business or anything really. If something isn’t working, work what is. Don’t just throw up your arms and say “Ahhh, forget it! I give up!”

Mike’s Final Rant…ehem…Thoughts

Excuses get us no where. That is just our head trash pushing us down. Human will is the strongest force in the world. Tony could use this as an excuse to decrease his physical activity. This is a MAJOR injury. He’s 52 and frankly, he deserves some downtime, right?!  See what so many fail to understand is that exercise becomes part of our lives. It’s like any other daily body function: eating, sleeping, etc. I thank the Lord everyday that I am able to run, jump, lift weights, and have full use of all my limbs. So many do not.

I have been on this journey for 18 months and people ask me when I am going to ease up. Your workouts are so hard. You have to get up so early. Why are you doing this? For me, this is one of the highlights of my day. It is “me time”. I get to challenge myself and feel great when I am done with my workout. I have missed very few workouts in the past 18 months. I workout 6 days a week and I have probably missed 5 or less workouts in the past 18 months. Are there days when I would rather roll over than wake up? Sure. I’m human. But I know that I will feel better after I workout. It is part of who I am now. If I didn’t do it, I would miss it.

So no matter what your circumstances, you can figure something out. Modify! Pause the DVD. Focus on what works. If you are really out of shape, start with the “Pay It Forward” workout HERE. There is no one else to hold you accountability, but yourself. As ShaunT says. “Have Integrity People.” I am here to motivate you and help you in your journey. And frankly, there are many times I need all of you too! We are hear for each other. We are a Team! And we don’t wait around or have excuses. We do things RIGHT NOW!

MP3 Download: Tony Horton – Brought It – May 23, 2011

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