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Eliminating “I Can’t” – A Key Step in your Life Balance Journey

August 22, 2012 –

I Can’t” is one of the most self destructive phrases in the English language. In today’s day and age, the words “I Can’t” should simply fade away. It’s a cop-out. A white flag of surrender to yourself. Why? Because the secret is that all of us CAN!

When my daughter tell’s me she wants to grow up and be a doctor or my son says he wants to be an astronaut, do I respond with, “Ohhh..You Can’t”. Of course not! We tell our kids they can be anything they want to be. They are only limited by the dreams they dream.

So then why as we get older, do we accept the words “I Can’t” into our own vocabulary ? I am not insinuating that we all turn into Jim Carrey in the movie “Yes Man”, where he says “Yes” to everything and gets himself into some pretty big trouble. But I am saying that God has given us the priveledge of CHOICE. It is an amazing mindset change to move from “I Can’t”s and “I Don’t Have Time”, to “I Choose“!

Everyone on this great planet of ours are given 24 hours in a day…no more. The greatest minds of our time where given the same. Those who changed the world we live on where given the same. So the question becomes something more serious…and maybe even too cerebral for many.

What do you WANT to do with your time here on earth? What CAN you do to make that happen?

One of the many motivational quotes that come across my Facebook News Feed said this:

In a way, “I Can’t” protects us from those questions. But when we start taking ownership of our 24 hours and start saying “I CHOOSE”, then we take responsibility for the direction our life is going. Then we start owning our Life Balance. I don’t want to give you the impression that I am just preaching here. I used “I Can’t” for most of my adult life. Although others called me a workaholic, I think I suffered from just being a perfectionist and I used work as my excuse for everything,  I am the sole provider of the family so work must come first in everything I do. That was my excuse.

What I realized is that my lack of emotional and physical presence was making a bigger impact on my kids. Did I want to be that Dad that was never around? So, over time I  slowly start saying “I CAN” or “I CHOOSE to…”.

So here is your challenge. For 1 week, eliminate the words “I Can’t” or “I Don’t have Time”  from your vocabulary. I know you will feel you have more control over your life. And when someone ask you something that is somewhat scary like “You wanna run that 5K with me.” Say “Yes” and go for it!


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