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Plug In and Join!

June 6, 2011 –

Team Right Now is really growing and it is great to see so many people plugging into the information on the website. I hope you are enjoying the breath and depth of material. I put alot of effort into the different topics to help all of you. In my adult life, I never really got a real chance to write for fun. I never knew how much I missed writing until I started TRN. This has become my new hobby. I prefer writing over watching TV, playing video games, and even sometimes sleeping.

I have found that those who are successful in maintaining long term success are those that really Plug In . What does that mean? It means you are interacting, asking questions, learning, and trying to improve. This is supposed to be FUN!  Learning is part of the journey. So, what are ways you can do that?

1) This website is a great start. Please comment on articles, ask questions, and feel free to debate if you like. Send me suggestions on what else you would like to hear about.

2) Use social networking. “Follow Me” on Twitter. “Like” me on Facebook. (See icons on the right). Follow other people you respect on Twitter. There are great nuggets of information out there. I learned about PB2 through someone’s Twitter feed.

3) Join a local organization or form your own network of friends with common goals.

4) Plug into the Team Beachbody Message Board HERE.

5) Join TRN! If you like my site and want to be an official member of the team, it’s free. Just go HERE! I also send out weekly newsletters to my team! I try and answer all comments and questions, but my team members get priority.

6) Explore your curiosity! One of the reason I love writing for TRN is that I get to learn in the process.

7) Email Me and start a one on one dialogue.

There are so many ways to plug in and it makes the process interesting and fun. I like to think of it as taking the P90X “Muscle Confusion” philosophy to the rest of my life. Keep changing things up and growing. Learn from others and they will learn from you. Remember, this is not a destination. It is a life-long journey.

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