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My PB2 Review

December 23, 2010 –

Every once in a while you stumble upon a product and can’t believe you didn’t find out about it earlier. I discovered PB2 after reading a Tweet about it. I looked it up and ordered it so I could try it in my Shakeology. Wow – Just incredible!

So what is PB2? It is Powdered Peanut Butter created by Bell Plantations. Here is the story behind the product in their own words:

“We call it peanut butter’s second generation because it’s unlike any peanut butter you’ve ever experienced. Through a unique process that doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals and doesn’t alter nature’s intended balance found within the peanut, we remove over 85% of the fat from premium quality peanuts. Essentially, the oil is squeezed out of roasted peanuts and what remains is our famous powdered peanut butter – all natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. When you mix water or a favorite drink with PB2 you get the same consistency as full-fat peanut butter, with all the roasted peanut flavor, but 85% less fat calories.”

I love Peanut Butter and it has been one of my daily staples. Although it contains great protein, it is higher in fat than I would like. And this is where PB2 rocks the house. Check out the comparison:

Nutritional Facts                      PB2             Smucker’s Natural PB

Serving Size                                2 Tbsp             2 Tbsp

Calories                                        45                   200

Total Fat / Sat Fat (g)            1.5 / 0            16 / 2.5

Sodium (mg)                                 94                       105

Total Carb (g)                                 5                        6

Fiber / Sugar (g)                         2 / 1                  2 / 1

Protein                                          5                        7

Look at the calories and fat! Unbelievable. So how does it taste? It must taste bad, right? This tastes incredible. In Shakeology, I actually think it tastes better than normal peanut butter. I put in (2) Tbsps of the powder and mix it up! If you want to make it a liquid peanut butter, you just add 1Tbsp of water. I tried this as well and it tasted great.

Needless to say, I am glowing about this product. They also have a Chocolate PB2 version. I just ordered a case of 12 jars from I highly recommend this product. This adds minimal calories to your Shakeology to give you a 185 calorie shake (140+45), adds more protein (17+5 = 22g), and significantly reduces the fat calories that are usually associated with peanut butter.

To find out more about the product, go to

5 Responses to “My PB2 Review”

  1. Wayne says:

    I have been looking at PB2 also. Thanks for the review! I am not in “fat shredder” mode myself right now, but this looks absolutely perfect for a fat shredder diet. There is only one store in my area that sells it and I’ve got it on my planner to make the drive to get some this weekend. Now I’m even more excited to try it! Thanks again!

  2. Leo says:

    Coach Mike,

    This is an unbelievable find. I’m supper excited to try this out. My favorite peanut butter is called Naturally More and it has about 25% more protein, 50% more fiber and 20% fewer carbs (than regular natural peanut butter). I use it with cottage cheese and chocolate whey protein.

    It has less calories than fat free peanut butter but it does have 169 calories for two tbs so I’m looking forward to trying PB2 on shakes for those days when I’m adding extra calories to my Shakeology like bananas and cherrios. Once again, great find and I’ll order me a few jars right away!

    Coach Leo

  3. Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

    @ Wayne – Completely Agree. For a “Fat Shredder” diet, this is a perfect product. However, even in a higher calorie diet, I find that I like my peanut butter toast and I was not wanting to put PB in my Shakeology as well as it starts to really crank up your fat calories. So this is perfect. I put PB2 in my Shakeology and still use my Smucker’s Natural PB on my toast. Also, it is tough to find, so Amazon or directly through Bell Plantations may be required for many folks.

  4. Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

    @Coach Leo – Thanks for sharing about Naturally More. I just looked it up and will have to try that out for some of my other PB needs! You will not be disappointed with PB2. It was made to be mixed in Shakeology!

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