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Food Revolution – Episode 1 (Season 1)

July 14, 2011 –

I never really watch TV because in my free time I am doing this blog or answering questions or with my family. And so I never knew this show existed. I was watching something on YouTube and this came up in the recommendations on the right (I guess YouTube’s tactics work!). So I got sucked into watching this and was really moved. Yes, I know this reality TV and yes I know extra dashes of drama are added in.

But I liked it so much, I thought I would post each episode and give you my reaction. I would love for people to comment below if they agree or disagree as this is really about a healthy discussion (pun intended).

The first episode really sets the stage for what Jamie is up against.While the reactions from the town are why harsher than anything I have ever dealt with, I have definitely been pushed back on for eating healthy or encouraging others to do so. I guess you can say many see me as a newborn health nut. The fact is that I have wanted to eat healthy for the last 5 years.But I could never figure out how. I felt the American Food Industry had invaded every aisle of the grocery store ans so I succumbed to eat what was available. P90X provided me the guide to learn that I could eat healthy. I could cook for myself. And I could fit a healthy lifestyle eating into a busy schedule if I prioritized it.

Now back to Jamie. He definitely has a battle in front of him. Some of the things that stuck out to me were:

1) Obviously the food at the school. Pizza for breakfast! Really people? Maybe once you get over the shock value of that, the scarier part is that it is approved by USDA guidelines. And Jamie’s food made with all natural and raw ingredients didn’t make it. He has brown rice but he needs more bread! The food in schools was also addressed in Killer at Large (See my review HERE.)

2) When Jamie piled up the food in front of the mom, it was very powerful. And Jamie is right. She is not a bad Mom. She loves her kids as much as any Mom out there. But it is hard to change and to have the knowledge to figure out HOW to change. I am very interested to see what happens to this family in later episodes.

3) One of the key things that Jamie says is to “Cook with Raw Ingredients.” This is intimidating to so many. And it takes time and effort to learn how to do something quickly from scratch. But honestly, I think this is a key take-away. Just replacing one meal with something that is made from raw ingredients is a huge step forward.

I am looking forward to sharing these episodes with you. I like to make the TRN page exciting and fresh. I try and balance topics from nutrition, supplements, and workouts. So hopefully this will bring in some new flavor!

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Episode 1, Part 1

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Episode 1, Part 2

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Episode 1, Part 3

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Episode 1, Part 4

4 Responses to “Food Revolution – Episode 1 (Season 1)”

  1. Whitney George says:

    Wow… great show. You’ve got me hooked. I watched 4 episodes last night!

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