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UR-Week 3 / Final Review

June 19, 2012 –

Week 3 is Complete and The Ultimate Reset is in the books!! This is the “Restore” Phase where you introduce the Revitalize supplement. If you have not seen my Week 1 (Reclaim) Review, check it out HERE. If you have not seen my Week 2 (Release) Review, check it out HERE. I want to use a similar format as I did the previous weeks.

– Hard Data (Can you tell I am an engineer?!)

– Am I on track to meet my “Why”

– How am I handling my fears

– How do I feel overall?

If f you haven’t seen “My Why” and “My Fears” on Day 0, you can check it out HERE. If you don’t want to read, here is my video recapping Week 3 and providing my “Final Take” on The Ultimate Reset!

My updated results are below. So physically, everything held. Some small measurement changes from last week, but I am attributing that to human error.

My blood results came back  and it sure is a bag of mixed results. My Total Cholesterol held (well down 2 points). My Triglycerides hit the floor and were almost cut in half! However, my LDL and HDL both went in the wrong direction.  My LDL went up 12 points to 68 and my HDL dropped 9 points to 47. Remember, HDL is your good cholesterol and should be increasing and your LDL is your bad cholesterol and should be decreasing. Not sure what this means, but my scores are still great!

For my BEFORE and AFTER pictures, look at the bottom of the post!

Tracking “My Why”

I had (4 ) Whys that I explained in my video.

1) Try It Myself – This is really important for me to help the team. I have to say that by the middle of Week 3, I was ready to be done. And remember, I have been eating a Whole Foods / Plant- Based diet for almost 9 months. It wasn’t the food, it was some of the restrictions. For example, I am really missing my Steel Cut Oats in the morning. (Week 2 and 3 is all fruit in the morning.)

2) Timing – Hallelujah! No travel while doing the UR. I attribute some of this  to planning and  some of this to luck. :)  I will reiterate that travelling while doing the UR could be very difficult given the restrictive diet.

3) Need a Reset? – I am really anxious to start working out again. I feel as thought I am starting with a clean slate. I am not looking at old numbers to live up to. I will be focusing on form and really engaging each muscle group. I need to revisit this question in another month or so to see if I broke a plateau and have gains I would not have otherwise had.

4) Partnership – This week we were able to both discuss how we were anxious to be done. :) It was so great to share our weariness, but also be able to push through it together. These last 21 days really did bring us closer together. This was my most important WHY and has been the most rewarding part of the program…bar none.

Tracking “My Fears”

I had (2 ) Fears that I explained in my video and I want to thank “The Crew” for their continued support.

1) Calorie Reduction – Although I ate the right food, I did increase the portion sizes. Apparently, that worked because I held my weight this week. For the whole program, I lost 8 lbs and most of that was in the 1st week. Maybe water weight? In looking at my pictures, I do see some size decreases in my shoulders and arms. Regardless, I am at my low watermark now and I am confident I will be able to build back up! “Diamond Delts” and “Just Arms”….here we go!!

2) No Workouts! – I did (3) workouts this week. I did a 20 minute self-made Yoga routines. Then, I went to the trusted Power90 for the other 2 workouts. Similar to last week, I did Circuit 1-2. However, this week I also did  Circuit 3-4 which adds another round and increase some of the reps on lunges. I have to admit that I went harder than the creators of this UR program would have wanted me to for Circuit 3-4. And I must confess, it felt really good! So I would say this was my one big cheat for the program. :) Needless to say, I am anxious to get right back into it.

How Am I Feeling?

Overall, I feel great. I feel like I did my best. Remember, this is about progress, not perfection. As I said, I gave into my  endorphin-withdrawl with one workout.  Outside of that, I stayed pretty darn true to the program and I am proud of that because it is not easy to stay disciplined.

By the way, if you have NOT downloaded the Ultimate Reset Worksheets, these are a must. They have really helped keep me organized through this.

Final Thoughts on Week 3

Now that I have completed this program, I truly believe that there are a few people this would be great for.

1) People who are not ready to work out or are just starting their transformation. The focus on nutrition in this program will pay HUGE dividends as you start a workout program after this. This program will allow you to put 110% of your effort on what you put in your mouth and how to eat healthy. In my opinion, this is where the lifestyle change starts and is the hardest part of any program. In other words, the workouts are great, but YOU CAN’T OUTWORK A BAD DIET!

2) If you are holding onto that last 10 lbs and know that alot of it has to do with what you put in your mouth, definitely sign up. This will take your nutrition up to the next level and I guarantee once you make your diet 100% whole foods for 3 weeks, you will see results.

3) Plateau Buster? I am still waiting to see with this one. This is the category I would put myself in. In another month, will my gains exceed where I started 21 days ago? Time will tell!

So as I write this, I know my next task is to pack for the Annual Beachbody Summit in Vegas. We are leaving tomorrow and I can’t wait. With the Ultimate Reset behind me, I am ready for something new. Maybe Body Beast? :) Maybe something else? We will see what product announcements corporate has for us! Regardless, you know I will Bring It!!

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*Note – If you have a “dud” coach and would like to change coaches, the process to do so is very simple. Simply email and tell them that you would like “Coach Mike Roberts (Coach ID #64523) at” as your coach. Please CC me as well so I can ensure to follow-up.

6 Responses to “UR-Week 3 / Final Review”

  1. Carl J. says:

    Awesome Review Michael! You really rocked it man. Mad props to you brother. Way 2 lead by example, I’m happy it worked out for you. Just Arms and Diamond Delts sprinkled with 30-15s and you’re right back to where you were bro. 😉

  2. al says:

    Just curious, has your doctor mentioned the risks of very low cholesterol?

  3. al says:

    Yeah if your too low (under 160 in one long term study) you increase your risk for stroke. Also cholesterol is the precursor to testosterone. Where you are doing body beast it might be helpful to raise your cholesterol to raise your testosterone levels.

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