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My Shakeology Review

My Shakeology Review

December 3, 2010.

I went my first 6 months through P90x and P90x Plus and I didn’t even know what Shakeology was. As I became more and more impressed with my results, I started looking through the Beachbody website a little closer.  This company must know what they are doing. I am fairly loyal to brands. I will keep buying from them until they disappoint me.

And there was Shakeology as the #1 Best Selling Supplement. At first, I like most people, had sticker shock. $119. What is this stuff? So I began to look at all the websites and videos and learned about it as you would any other product.

With Insanity just starting, I wanted to trim down my body fat while maintaining my weight. My primary focus outside of surviving the workouts was really fine-tuning my diet. So, I took the plunge and bought a bag

I remember the day the first bag came and I thought, this better be unbelievably good. Well this product has exceeded my expectations and they were really high to start. I have now been using the product for almost 6 months and have also converted my wife into a daily user.

This product had a real change on my blood work. As I noted in my My Story, my bad cholesterol dropped like a rock from 124 to 73 and my good cholesterol rose from 56 to 64. This is not some test group. This happened to me!

So what is Shakeology?

Although it is also the tagline for the product, it is the healthiest meal of the day. You should see the back of the bag on all the ingredients! And guess what? It is 140 calories while being gluten free and caffeine free. It contains no refined sugars no artificial sweeteners. Yet, this shake tastes unbelievable. This video may help:

How do I use it?

You can use this shake as one of your meals or as a supplement to one of your meals. When I first started, I would make it in the morning, bring it in a thermos to work and have it for my mid morning snack around 10:30. Now, I have switched to having it for breakfast. I will take my post workout supplements, go shower and get dressed for the day and then come and make myself Shakeology. Some days I will just have the shake for breakfast. Other days I will use it as a supplement with my egg whites and turkey bacon.

But the cost!

I had sticker shock as well, but then I got to thinking

It’s $4 / day.

Starbucks is a multi-billion dollar corporation thriving off of $4 – $5/ day for a daily cup of not so good for you.

In my personal opinion, this is worth every single penny. And it simply takes a readjustment of the budget to figure out how to make it work for you. The cost of obesity in the US was calculated in July 2010 at $147B (or 10% of all medical costs).  We have a perception that healthy food costs us more. Actually, unhealthy food does in both the short term and very much in the long term.

However, there are (3) ways to reduce the cost of Shakeology:

1) Go Home Direct (HD). This saves you Shipping and it is conveniently shipped to you every month so you don’t need to remember. With HD, you will also get the workout DVDs for FREE and a FREE Shaker Cup.

2)   Become a Team Beachbody Club Member. That saves you 10% on all products (along with other benefits). It costs $2.99 / week or $11.96 / month. 10% off Shakeology is about break even. However, if you plan on using their other services that come with Club Membership (like the meal planner) or you order anything else from Beachbody, you are ahead.

3)   Become a Team Beachbody Coach. Many people become coaches, simply to get the Shakeology discount. You save 25% on all products, so Shakeology goes to $89.96 or $3 / day. It cost $14.95 / month to be a coach. So $89.96 + $14.95 = $104.91. So you are still $15 ahead of the $119 retail pricing. Additionally, if you order other products from Beachbody like I do, then that 25% applies to those products as well.

Watch this as a good summary of what you get for your money.

Here is another good comparison chart vs. other Starbucks, “Fruit Drinks”, and “Fast Food”. Not only are you getting significant more nutrition, you are paying less for it! Click here to view a few side by sides.

Don’t take my word for it

I am no health expert. I’ve been eating poorly for 34 years of my life so what do I know? :) But here are people much more equipped to provide valid opinions:

BB 30-day Guarantee and My Free Sample Offer

Beachbody offers a 30-day bottom of the bag money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose to try it. However, I believe in this product so much and believe it was such a critical portion of my transformation and overall health, that I am offering free samples.  Click here to see how to get one.

You can also see more on my Shakeology website. Click here.

Or how about a Holiday 30 day calendar of Shakeology Recipes. Click Here

Chocolate or Greenberry

Folks, I tell it like it is. I tried the Greenberry once and only once. It was not my particular cup of tea. Chocolate is fantastic. I would highly recommend Chocolate as your first choice unless you are allergic to cocoa powder.

Have Fun!

Shakeology is great plain, but you can also have some great fun with it. You can get really creative. There are a ton of recipes on the web for different types of shakes to pies and cookies. Click here.

There is also a Shakelogy Calendar with 30 days of Recipes. Click Here

Here is a Holiday Calendar with 30 days of Recipes. Click Here

Here is how you make my favorite Shakeology recipe.

Contact Me

I have had really great success with Beachbody fitness programs and supplements. I know there are other ways to success, but I found some products that really work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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