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Body Beast-BULK Review and Results

September 4, 2012 –

The 2nd Block of Body Beast is called “BULK“. Beast is a bit different than say P90X where each macrocycle is around the same amount of time.  As laid out in the “HUGE BEAST” schedule, it is the longest of the 3 Blocks and lasts 6 weeks. The 1st Block was called “BUILD” and lasted 3 weeks. If you haven’t read my post on BUILD head over there by clicking HERE.


To see the full calendar as laid out in the program, you can head over to my ULTIMATE worksheets and download them HERE .

There are 7 microcycles in BULK, each lasting 6 days. Each microcycle follows the same sequence of workouts: Chest, Legs, Back, Arms+Abs, Shoulders, and Rest.

I made some adjustments to the BULK Block. Some similar to what I did in BUILD and some different.

1) Per the schedule, Abs is only once per week. I added (2) additional Ab workouts. Maybe it is that P90X is engrained in my head, but I just feel abs should be done 3 times per week.

2) If you look at the calendar, you will quickly notice there is no recovery / yoga day. Again. I think this is my P90X blood coming out in my me, but I am die hard believer in Yoga at least once per week. So while there is a rest day on the Beast calender, I am doing Yoga.

3) The last thing I added on was an extra Arms workout based off of 1-on-1, Vol. 1 “Just Arms”.

So here is the calendar I  created for the 42 days of BULK Block.

What was different for me in this block was that you only work one muscle group per day. They are shorter workouts but very intense. I will do a separate post on all the different workouts.

Nutrition / Supplements

Beast Supplements and Beast Nutrition go hand in hand, especially in a muscle mass programs. I detailed out my entire plan in my BUILD Phase Post. I have, for the most part,  followed that same plan.

So here are My Fitness Pal results for the last 6 weeks. I had put in a goal of 4,000 calories. I know alot of people try and  hit their calories and macronutrient ratios on the head. As anal as I am, I do get overly concerned if I have some variation. In my opinion, the QUALITY of food is the most important thing. I listen to my body and tweak accordingly.

The first thing you will probably notice is that I am not perfect! The week of August 20, I was sick so you can see my calories went down. You can see some days where I may have missed meals and not eaten enough. This is life. It is about PROGRESS not PERFECTION!

As I entered the week of August 27, I started altering some of my macros to experiment a bit. I raised my healthy fats and dropped my carbs. I will see how this effects my results for the BEAST phase.

My Results (so far)

As an Ectomorph, it is really tough for me to gain weight and put on muscle. With the BULK Phase being 6 weeks long, I was hoping to add a bit more weight than I did. After gaining 8 lbs the first 3 weeks, I only gained 2 lbs the last 6 weeks. But outside of measurements and pictures, I feel much stronger. I have been able to increase my weight and get through tough workouts (like BULK | Legs) much better.

What’s Next?

Yesterday I started the last macrocycle called BEAST.  There are no new workouts in this phase, but it has a smattering of all the workouts throughout. This phase is 3 weeks long. In the nutritional plan, this is the “cutting phase” where you decrease your calories. Because it is so hard for me to hold weight on, at this point in time my plan is to maintain my calories.

As you know, Body Beast’s tagline is “Whatever It Takes”. You better believe that is exactly what attitude I am taking. 3 more weeks to go!  Let’s Beast Up!

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