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P90X: MC2

November 29, 2010 –

Are all you insane P90Xers looking for the next challenge? Well, Tony has something planned for you. P90X: MC2 (Muscle Confusion2). Get excited, but not too excited as they have not even started taping yet. The current release date is the end of 2011.

But I know all of you will fill up the time by creating your own Hybrids, taking the plunge into Insanity – the Asylum in early Spring, and trying other programs.

However if you simply cant wait, Tony’s 3rd Season of One on One, called “The Making of MC2, is being pushed out monthly now. Click here to check it out. This is in fact, the “test kitchen” for the final MC2 and where many of the moves and routines will be tested and refined. If you subscribe, you will literally be apart of the development process.

P90X:MC2 will contain (12) brand new DVDs to keep the Muscle Confusion going after you master the original P90x. Once all (12) months of P90x One on One have been finalized, the casting process will be finalized, and production will start.

Here are some other ways to stay in tuned with the progress of the MC2:

Official Beachbody P90x:MC2 website

Official Facebook P90x:MC2 Page

My P90x One on One: MC2 Review

P90x:MC2 – Preview 1 (Buying into the System)

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