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P90X2 Box Opening

December 11, 2011 –

On December 10, the FedEx truck pulled up to my house to deliver the next level of P90X….P90X2. I ordered both the BluRay Ultimate Edition and DVD Basic Edition (Click HERE to see all ordering options). I wanted the DVDs so i could take them on the road, but I am a Hi Def geek so I wanted the Blu Ray versions as well!

I wanted to share my excitement of opening up P90X2 so I recorded it! Check out my real-time opening below!

3 Responses to “P90X2 Box Opening”

  1. Dave says:

    3 months ago, I expected to greet the delivery man with a warm embrace on this special occasion. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. I’ve been struggling with a rotator cuff injury for the last 2 months and have given up all upper body work. While I have been following tony’s advice of if you can’t work the top then work the bottom it just isn’t the same. I am going for an arthogram on Friday which is where they inject you with a 3.5 inch needle into the joint to diagnose the problem. I am equally fearing the procedure and the results. Actually, that’s a lie. I am terrified of the procedure. I have postponed my unboxing until I have a better sense of when I can begin the program. By then my scrawny little legs will be massive

  2. Jeff L. says:

    Great video. It’s fun to see what is going to come in the package on newly released items.

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