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P90X2-Order Details and Information

August 23, 2011 –

I want to ensure Team Right Now is getting the ABSOLUTE latest information on P90X2 as soon as I get it. So, Beachbody Corporate took down another veil around P90X2 tonight and detailed the pricing and what the different kits will be. Tony Horton and Steve Edwards discussed many of the aspects of the program. However, the detailed P90X2 interview from summit is still the best resource right now. If you haven’t seen this yet, Click HERE. It’s a must see.

The pre-order is still holding at September 1 as announced HERE.

As many of you know, I work in the wireless sector so I had my computer connected to my 4G LTE phone’s hotspot while driving home and pulling over on the side of the road to take screen shots of the presentation. Not the safest drive home, but I got these shots for all of you! :)

Here are a few keys things I want to highlight:

Pre-Order is available exclusively through your coach (aka ME) from September 1 through September 5. On September 6, it will be available through Beachbody.

– If you order through your coach (aka ME), you will get (2) free 1-on-1s: Upper Body Balance and For Legs. To see my UBB review, click HERE and For Legs, click HERE.

– Only Pre-Orders will get FREE Shipping & Handling

– Those who Pre-Order will be eligible for weekly prizes, wit the GRAND PRIZE being Tony Horton coming to your house to hand deliver P90X2. How cool is that?!

– For the availability date, the only comments they would say is that in order to be assured delivery by Decemeber 25, 2011, you would need to ensure you participate in the pre-order.

– An interesting fact was revealed by Tony on the call. P90X is the most copied DVD in the world! More than any movie. More than any show. More than any other DVD in the world. So, Beachbody is definitely pushing pre-orders to try and get ahead of the piracy.

So here is a quick run down of today’s info followed by the actual slides shown.


– How To Bring It Again (Introductory Session)

– X2 Core

– Plyocide

– X2 Recovery + Mobility

– X2 Total Body

– X2 Yoga

– Balance + Power

– Chest & Back + Balance

– X2 Shoulders + Arms

– Base & Back

– PAP Upper

– PAP Lower

– X2 Ab Ripper

– V-Sculpt (X2 – Back & Biceps) – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits

– X2 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits

Nutrition Guide

– New Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Options

– 27 Diet Guides in One! As mentioned in my P90X2 First Look, this is a much more thorough and versatile nutritional guide than P90X


– Steve Edwards talked about the full P90X2 Equipment a while back. Click HERE.

– However, as mentioned before, you can do P90X2 with nothing more than Resistance Bands and furniture.

– For the full extreme experience, the required equipment consists of Resistance Bands, a Pull-Up Bar, Dumbbells, a Stability Ball, a Foam Roller, a Pull-Up Assist (Optional), Medicine Balls, Power Stands, a Yoga Mat,  and Yoga Blocks (optional).


-So lets talk about the different kits that will be available. They went quickly through what is included in each kit and I was not able to write it down, but I was able to snap the screenshots. My understanding for the call is that the equipment nor the additional discs in the deluxe / ultimate editions will be sold ala carte, which is quite disappointing.

UPDATE (08/31/11) – I have learned that the additional discs (V-Sculpt and Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps) will be available to order separately!!

Base Kit

– DVD – $119.95

BluRay – $149.85

– Includes DVDs, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and Workout Calender

Deluxe Kit

– DVD – $239.85

BluRay – $299.85

– Includes DVDs (+ V-Sculpt, and X2 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps), Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and Workout Calender

– Stability Ball

– (2) 8lb Medicine Balls

– Foam Roller

Ultimate Kit

– DVD – $$299.85

BluRay – $$359.85

– Includes DVDs (+ V-Sculpt, and X2 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps), Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, and Workout Calender

– Stability Ball

– (2) 8lb Medicine Balls

– Tony Horton Power Stands

– Premium Foam Roller

6 Responses to “P90X2-Order Details and Information”

  1. breakpoint says:

    Great article! Super excited for this to come out!!!

  2. Chad H says:

    Awesome job as always Michael. Thanks for always keeping me updated.

  3. James Garr says:

    Great job keeping everyone informed!

  4. dave says:

    Wow. Very disappointing. Actually, very annoying. If you are an avid P90X fan, as many of us are, then you have already invested in a stability ball and medicine balls which means that you are left with a very difficult decision. Do you really want to pay an extra $120 for Back and Biceps and Chest Shoulders and Triceps? No not really however, they are, by far, my two favorite workouts from the original P90X. I guess the workaround, if you haven’t already done so – as I have not – would be to buy the One on One versions and substitute. It seems as though a lot of people are going to be pushed towards spending an extra $120 for something that, in my view at least, should be part of the standard program or at a minimum offered at the usual $20 per DVD rate.

  5. […] is the day! You can now officially pre-order P90X2. I have given a good run down in my P90X2 Order Details and Information Blog. I have attached an FAQ and the full slide deck from the webinar with Tony Horton and Steve Edwards […]

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