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V-Sculpt Review (1-on-1, Vol 3)

March 14, 2011 –

The One on One, Vol3 Discs just keep coming month after month. Here is my review of Disc 8, V-Sculpt with some insight into Disc 9 and 10.

You can read my full One on One, Vol3 review here.

You can also download the One on On, Vol 3 worksheets, including V-Sculpt, here.


Disc 8 – V Sculpt

Length: 56 Min

Routine: 12 Rounds with each round consisting of a Back & Bicep Exercise

P90x Replacement: Back & Biceps

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Pull-Up Bar (Chair – Optional), Resistance Band, Band-to-Door Assembly (Included with Disc), Dumb bells

I have done V-Sculpt twice before I wrote this review. All the resistance routines in Volume 3 have been killer and this one is no exception. This entire disc is “Mason’s choice”. There are (6) Back exercises and (6) Bicep exercises. Each round consists of a Back and Bicep exercise that Mason picks from a hat. And when you have gone through all (12) exercises, the pieces of paper go back in the hat for another lovely 12 exercises.

I love variety and this one switches it up alot! The disc comes with a Band-to-Door Assembly for some killer Bicep and Back moves. Don’t think you can get a pump from bands, check these new favorites out! Tony also throws in some new pull-up moves like 21s. These are just like Bicep 21s, but with Pull-Ups: 7-Upper, 7-Lower, 7-Full. In the 2nd round, they really take their toll. And almost by destiny, even though the exercises are picked at random, the last exercise is “Down-the-Rack Curls” just to finish you off in case you had something left.

Disc 9 – Core Synergistics: MC2

Length: 56 Min

Routine: TBD

P90x Replacement: Core Synergistics

My Recommendation Rating: TBD

Equipment Required: Mat, Stability Ball , Basketball / Medicine Ball, Pro Sliders / Paper Plate

It’s March 14 and this lovely disc just appeared on my doorstep. I am working to get this done a time or two before next month to give you the full review!

Disc 10 – UBX

Length: TBD

Routine: TBD

P90x Replacement: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps? (From what I could gather on the trailer.)

My Recommendation Rating: TBD

Equipment Required: TBD

The Disc 10 trailer for April’s 1-on-1 is called UBX (Upper Body X?). Tony mentions Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps so I am guessing this resistance workout can be paired up with V-Sculpt (Back & Biceps). But we wont know for another month until the disc hits the doorstep.

5 Responses to “V-Sculpt Review (1-on-1, Vol 3)”

  1. Coach Leo says:

    This is an awesome workout and you are absolutely right when it comes to getting a good “pump” from resistance bands. So many people think you need heavy dumbbells to be successful…they should definitely try this video.

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