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NEW Chocolate Shakeology Formula

August 2, 2012 –

As announced at summit there were (2) changes in the Shakeology product line.

1) Vegan Chocolate was introduced as the 4th Flavor! (Click HERE for more on that.)

2) The original Chocolate (Whey-Based) has received a new formula which adds new superfoods, among many other things. This improved formula has started to ship so those of you how are on Chocolate Shakeology HD should start seeing it!

I wanted to detail out all the changes. I am waiting to taste it myself, but know that there were significant improvements made to make the most nutritionally dense meal on the planet, even more nutritionally dense.

If you remember back in early 2011, Beachbody improved the P90X Results & Recovery formula (See HERE for details on that change.) There was a change in taste (although not drastic). Many people complained about it, but over time people got used to it.

So with the change in taste, I would suggest you give it a try for a while. Your taste buds simply may need to adjust to the new taste. I have completely switched to Chocolate Vegan.

I want to ensure that you are 100% aware of all the changes. Darin Olien (Co-Creator) talks about them in the video below. I have also written the changes because there are quite a few of them.

If you have ANY questions or feedback, please let me know.

 Learn What’s new in Chocolate Shakeology’s NEW Superfood Formula (3:29)

The differences in the new Chocolate Superfood formula are:

1) 4 New Superfoods:

– Moringa

– Coconut Flower Nectar*

– Luo Han Guo*

– Himalayan Salt*

2) A Better and Purer Source of Cacao

– This causes the fat content to increase from 1 to 2g per servings. However, this is a healthy fat!

3) Fiber Content has Increased from 3g to 6g due to the addition of pea protein

– More fiber will help you feel full even longer, is better for digestion and can also help with cholesterol

4) Reduced Fructose due to the addition of Coconut Flower Nectar and Luo Han Guo

– Lower Sugars – 3g grams less! From 9g to 6g of sugars per serving

5) More Concentrated Grasses. The new formula uses  grass juice powders in which the grasses are first pressed into juices.

– Allows a higher concentration of the nutrient. Then the juice is dried down to a powder.

– Before (in the old formula), the grasses were ground into powders.

6) Better Strain of Probiotics

7) No Suma Root or Blue-Green Algae

– You can buy Suma Root as a separate supplement in the Body Beast supplements. It is called Super Suma!

8) In addition to Whey Protein, the new formula also contains Brown Rice Protein and Pea Protein

– Adding both Pea and Rice makes the product easier to digest/absorb the protein blend since so many people are lactose-intolerant.

10) An  important note about the Serving Size Volume and Weight.

WEIGHT – The bag for the New Superfood Formula contains less powder, this is because the fructose has been reduced by over half . the fructose made up most of the reduction in serving size from 48g to 42g. The difference of 6g times 30 servings is 180g which is the difference between the old chocolate 1440g and the new chocolate 1260g. By the way, this is exactly the same as Tropical (1260g) and Greenberry has always been less at 1200g (because it doesn’t have the cocoa powder). 180 grams = 6 ounces. There are 16 ounces in a pound so the reduction is less than half a pound. Keep in mind that this less than half a pound difference is mostly less sugar,and less sugar is good for you!

VOLUME – The reason the scoop size is still the same is that the newly added brown rice protein and pea protein (which adds fiber as well as protein) is “fluffier” (less dense).  So even though the serving size is less grams in weight (42g vs 48) the volume it takes up is not smaller (because the new formula is fluffier). Hence, the same size scoop. Exactly the same thing happened with Chocolate Vegan.

* Changes were originally introduced in Tropical Vegan Shakeology

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