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Butt and Belly Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)

July 10, 2011 –

Yesterday, we discussed Back and Belly. Today, we have Butt and Belly! You can see my complete Volume 2 post HERE. You can also download the worksheets for this workout and all the Volume 2 workouts HERE

Disc 5 – Butt & Belly

Length: 46 minutes

Target Muscle: Butt and Abs

P90x Replacement: Legs & Back (Partly) and Ab Ripper X

My Recommendation Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required:8 Playing Cards

The last time we saw a workout targeted solely at the butt, it was in Volume 1’s Bun Shaper. However, this workout alternates between butt and abs. Each round consists of a butt exercise and an ab exercise. You do a total of 5 rounds and then you get to REPEAT them. FUN!

The Butt part of the routine does bring back some favorites from Butt Shaper, like 8-Card Pick-Up. The Ab portion of the routine is very isometric in nature. These moves are done very slow which really gets the burn going! (Although, Tony does pick it up in sequence 2 as he is running short on time.)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I actually did Back and Belly and then followed it with this routine. 2 workouts, back to back. That definitely got the Abs worked out. However, I will give my same opinion on this routine as I did on Bun Shaper. This does work your upper legs very well. But does it replace a more comprehensive “Legs” routine? I think it depends on your goals. I would suggest using this in one training block of 3-4 weeks, but going back to a more complete leg routine in the next training block.

3 Responses to “Butt and Belly Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)”

  1. […] actually did fairly well in this routine. I did this routine first and then did Butt & Belly so that I could hit Back, Legs, and Abs all in one day. With swimming being a key component of my […]

  2. Coach Noel says:

    I love these one-on-one routines!!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Coach Jeff says:

    Another great One on One Review Mike. I too am very sad that the series is over. I am very thankful for the 36 that we got though.

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