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P90X2-X2 Yoga Review

August 25, 2012 –

I know so many of you LOVE Yoga. :) Okay, so there are alot of you who don’t like Yoga at all! Well, love it ot hate it, it is the Fountain of Youth. It is your most important workout of the week!

If you work as hard on your flexibility as everything else, you will prevent injury, increase your range of motion, and literally recapture your youth. Remember, when you felt bouncy and springy as a kid. It was like you were on a pogo stick all day long, righ? Yoga gives us that again!

Still need convincing? One of the statistics Tony uses in his “Bring It!” book is that people lose 1% of their flexibility every year after 35. . That is unless we work on it and actually improve it!

What is the #1 compliant of P90X – Yoga X? Its over 90 minutes long! Well, you will be happy to know that X2 Yoga is much shorter at 67 minutes!

I have reviewed all of Tony’s Yoga routines. (Yoga X  and all the 1-on-1s). I think this is the best routine he has out there. In Yoga X, you were still learning Yoga. The first 45 minutes of sun salutations seemed to last forever as you held Warrior 1, Warrior 2, or some other static pose. X2 Yoga is much more fluid. It is much more “in the flow”. The sun salutation sequences move much quicker (like the Single, Double, Triple). And the standing sequence of Warrior 3, Half Moon, etc is NOT at the end od the sun salutation sequences. That always felt cruel to me on Yoga X.

In order to get a shorter video, something had to give. So there are no balanced postures. However, Tony does still have a good 15 minute stretching sequence.

He created this with the help of his Yoga buddy Ted McDonald, who is in the video with him. If you want to try and go extreme, watch Ted. He is the man! One of the moves I worked on tirelessly (and still have a ways to go) is the Crane to Handstand. You can see my best attempt (with some toe taps)  in the video below.

If you really want a detailed account of all the sequences and moves in X2 Yoga, you can look at my P90X2 Worksheets, Every workout is in there, including X2 Yoga.

On a final note, I will say this about Yoga as a general practice. As you work towards your Life Balance, there is a spiritual component that Yoga brings out. It is the calm within the storm. Can you hold your cool when you are fightin’ like hell? Can you look calm above water while paddling like mad underneath? This discipline goes way beyond a Yoga mat. Embrace the practice and let go of your predispositions. Let yourself get lost in it. And then the words Namaste will not just be spoken, but felt.

 I appreciate all your comments. The dialogue is why I write. So please leave a message below!

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