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The Making of P90X

July 31, 2012 –

At P90X Certification this past weekend, they played a few of the  clips from YouTube. If you ever wanted to get a behind the scenes on how the #1 Fitness Program was created, here it is!!

1998 – Beachbody founded by Carl Daikeler and jon Congdon

2001 – Power 90 Launched
2002 – Carl kicks off a Power90 follow-up, which winds up being called Power 90 eXtreme (or P90X)
2004 – P90X is Released
2010 (Nov) – 3MM copies of P90X are sold

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes footage from the Making of P90X. Meet Tony Horton, Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler and President Jon Congdon and watch the creation and evolution of this revolutionary in home fitness program that will get you absolutely ripped in 90 days!

Part 1 – The Guys in Blue Shirts

Part 2 – Why There’s A Camera Room

During the making of P90X, Carl Daikeler explains to the Beachbody employees why there’s a camera in the room and that documentary style footage will be shot in an effort to show the process of creating this extreme home fitness program.

Part 3 – Hippity Bippity Squippity
Tony Horton consults with martial arts expert Wesley Idol to integrate kenpo moves into the P90X system of muscle confusion to get maximum results.

Part 4 – Getting Your Kicks
Tony Horton working with martial arts expert Wesley Idol and growing to really dig kenpo which ultimately leads to the killer workout that is Kenpo X!

Part 5 – Puh-LAH-teez
Tony Horton looks to Pilates expert Leanne Wagner as he adds serious core work to the P90X workouts for the most seriously intense abs and core moves available.

Part 6 – Challenging The Powerhouse
Tony Horton adds challenging Pilates moves to P90X and expert Leanne Wagner shows him exactly what the key phrase “challenging your powerhouse” is really all about.

Part 7 – The Daytime Blonde Batgirl
Gymnast & aerialist Dreya Weber spirals down from a great height to work with Tony on some really useful and powerful moves for P90X.

Part 8 – The Chechnian Rebels Taught Me This One
Dreya Weber demonstrates classic and powerful moves from Russia and beyond that wow Tony and he then incorporated into the P90X program.

Part 9 – Ish, You’re Killing Me
Yoga instructor Ish Moran works out with Tony as he relates his philosophy of how important this discipline will be to the entire P90X program

Part 10 – Respecting The X
The guys brainstorm exactly what workouts Tony has designed for P90X and learn to Respect the X!

Part 11 – Window of Opportunity
Tony and Mark agree that any serious fitness program is going to need real nutrients that fuel your body as elite athletes do, and the P90X Recovery Drink is born!

Part 12 – 11 Tapes
The gang assembles around the table to lay out all of the workouts and tools that go into P90X… which looks as if it’s become the ultimate fitness library!

Part 13 – Health Crack!
In part 13, it’s all behind the scenes glimpse at the gang meeting to refine the supplement plan for P90X.

Part 14 – I’ve Always Sang Like This
A sneak peek at Tony’s photo shoot at Ned’s place… and aside from looking like the best physical specimen on the planet… you get to hear Tony break into song!

Part 15 – Enter Carrie Wiatt
The Ultimate P90X Nutrition Plan in all of it’s 3-phase glory is born here!

Part 16 – No F@#!ing Way
The gang lays out the timeline for delivering P90X… and it’s AGGRESSIVE!

Part 17 – Test Pilots – FIT Test
Test Pilots are put to the test…literally…in a little thing called a “fit test” to prove they’re ready for the 90 day challenge of P90X!

Part 18 – Test Pilots – Phase One
A sneak peek behind the scenes as the Test Pilot’s begin their transformations and climb aboard P90X!

Part 19 – Test Pilots – Phase Two
Watch as the Test Pilots learn the meaning of Tony’s mantra “Bring it!”!

Part 20 – Test Pilots – Phase Three
Here is where the Test Pilots discover why heart rate monitors are useful equipment…among other things!

Part 21 – Quest Group – FIT Test
Meet the Quest Pilots who are the next group to take their fit tests and physically push themselves to their personal limits!

Part 22 – Quest Group – Discover your Inner Kenpo
An intimate interview with P90Xer Michelle Sorro who discovered that Kenpo X made her fall in love with herself.

Part 23 – Quest Group – Honor It During Your Life
In a matter of a few weeks, Gary Mastin learns through P90X how to honor his body and how it responds with improved health and fitness.

Part 24 – Quest Group – If You Neglect The Food Thing…
Tony meets with nutrition expert Carrie Wiatt to examine common diet pitfalls that some of the Quest Group are encountering.

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