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Food Revolution – Episode 4 (Season 1)

September 22, 2011 –

I have really enjoyed Jamie Oliver’s Revolution and decided to write a review on each of the episodes. For my previous reviews, see the links below.

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Well like all reality TV, I wonder how much is conjured up by producers and how much is real. However, I’ll keep staying positive that this a real stuff.

This episode corners around Jamie converting his arch nemesis,  radio DJ Rod.  The bet is that Jamie cannot teach 1,000 people how to cook. Rod continues to believe that one person cannot change a town of 50,000.

The defining and turn around point for Rod is when Jamie takes him to the local morgue and shows him the size of a “normal” casket and how more and more people are needing two grave sites. He also sits him down with his kids to have them tell Rod their stories.

Ultimately, Rod ends up helping Jamie get the last 200 people in the door to meet the bet of 1,000 people. So Rod becomes a partner to Jamie. A very quick turn of events for sure.

But outside of the reality TV element, I like this episode because it does discuss real stories with real people. The cure to the American Health System is not another pill. It is scary simple. It is exercise and diet. The Western diet is killing us! Plain and Simple. You can ignore that and think it is propaganda or whatever you want to think it is. But the more I read and the more I learn, the more I realize that this country’s health problems all come back to diet.  You will be seeing more from me on this topic. :)

Until then, Enjoy Episode 4.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Episode 4, Part 4

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