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Tracking Food with MyFitnessPal

August 23, 2012 –

I have to start out this post by thanking Steve MacDonald at Practical Social Media University because he is the one how lead me onto the great program that allowed me to do this tutorial.

I have talked numerous times about creating a Baseline Food Plan. This is critical to getting your nutrition in order. However, just as critical to track what you put in your mouth…and I mean everything. It is your ultimate accountability took. And it will tell you how much you are really consuming and what your macronutrient ratio is. Eating 60% carbs and trying to lose weight, well we can fix that. But we wouldn’t know how if we didn’t have the data! (Remember, I am an engineer! LOL!)

I used the Team Beachbody Meal Plan for a at least a year until I found out about This is the best FREE application I have found on the web and on Android / iPhone. It has an enormous database of user generated entries. And for those with Android or iPhones, the app has a barcode scanner so you can enter your food in with a scanner. Although I hope not too much of your food comes in a box. (knudge, knudge) Whole Foods don’t have barcodes. :)

You can friend me. My username is “TeamRightNow“. That

I have created a video tutorial for the team on how to use My Fitness Pal with your Beachbody Program Nutritional Guidelines. I cannot stress enough how important this is. I would actually pick sticking to your nutrition over your workouts (Did he just say that!?) Yes. It is the absolute key to your health. Nutrition is 80% of the battle and until you realize what you are consuming, you will not be able to correct it.

Achieving in our Life Balance applies to so much of what we do everyday, including eating. be conscious of what you wat. Focus on foods in the original state that God gave them to us. Eat slow. Enjoy their flavor and textures. It is the food that man has touched, processed, injected, and screwed with that is causing all of our health problems. And this is a really great tool to help you get on the road you want to be on.

I appreciate all your comments. The dialogue is why I write. So please leave a message below!

Note: If you can’t read my screen, open it up in YouTube. Change the quality to 720p HD Quality and blow it up to full screen. That will help. :)

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