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Ultimate Reset Worksheets

June 5, 2012 –

Now that I have started “The Ultimate Reset“, I have found that tracking your meals, supplements, and timing throughout the day can be tricky. So on Day 1, I used the basic format that Beachbody used in the Nutritional Guide and added in the actual meals for that day. I found that it is extremely useful to have a sheet of paper with you to write down the times you ate your meals or consumed your supplements. I actually put a timer on my phone so I know when 30 minutes or 2 hours or whatever timeframe I had to wait was up.

So, in order to help others going through the Ultimate Reset, I created sheets for all 21 days. This sheet of paper is your little bible for the day. I also have a sheet for Sleep Tracking, which is very important on this program. Additionally, I highly recommend you get blood work done before and after. I have created a sheet for not only your physical measurements, but also your cholesterol / blood work.

A few other bonuses I added were the Ultimate Reset Approved Shakeology Recipes. (By the way, they are all with Vegan Tropical). Additionally, I put in the Week 1 and Week2-3 Snack Ideas.

Lastly, I downloaded the Ultimate Reset Grocery Lists for all the weeks and added those to the ZIP file.

I believe these worksheets will be realyl helpful for anyone going through the program. So go ahead. Download the Ultimate Reset Worksheets below. I have also posted them permanently in “Helpful Downloads” under Coach Mike Tips

Click here to download the Ultimate Reset Workhseets.

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3 Responses to “Ultimate Reset Worksheets”

  1. Tammy Fuller says:

    This is awesome. Thank you. I’m starting tomorrow.

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