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P90X Challenge

September 7, 2011 –

I have talked to many of you about this over email, but I am ready to take this to all TRN! I (along with some other phenomenal coaches) am holding a P90X Challenge during the fall for all of us to get ready for P90X2 at the end of the year. I already pre-ordered my Blu-Ray Ultimate Edition and DVD Basic Edition.

All of us who will be administering this challenge went through the Insanity Asylum Challenge hosted by our upline coach, Wayne Wyatt. I had no idea that we would build such a comradery with each other. We all still actively talk on the FB group page that was set up back in May. We pushed each other and ultimately we won the challenge that was being judged by ShaunT himself. Here is the video Wayne put together and sent to Shaun T.

So all of us were anxious to start a NEW challenge and bring new members of our respective teams together. Why?

  • You will have a community to bounce ideas off of
  • You will have a group to ask questions
  • You will have friends to cheer you on as you post on your progress
  • You will have the sense that you are not alone
  • You will gain the drive to compete

And if that isn’t good enough, we are all chipping in to to provide the a free copy of P90X2 signed by one of the cast members!

Challenge Details:

The P90X Fall Challenge starts 9/19 and finishes 12/17, just in time for P90X2! The Challenge is based on the P90X Classic schedule. However, you can substitute 1-on-1 discs for Yoga and resistance days and 1-on-1 or Insanity for cardio days. Here is what you will need to get started.

1) Make me your coach. Just click HERE. Its free.

2) If you don’t own P90X, buy it HERE. When you buy it through me you get 2 extra discs.

3) Watch the video below on what equipment you need for P90X.

You can also see other videos on made on other equipment.

– Bowflex Dumb bells and Resistance Bands. Click HERE

– Tony Horton Power Stands. Click HERE

– Stud Bar Pull-Up Bar. Click HERE

– Pull-Up Assist. Click HERE

If you need to buy any equipment, you can shop for it HERE. If you have ANY questions on what to buy, ask me or put a comment in the post below as many probably have the same question and i can answer it for all.

4) Create your P90X Schedule. You can download all my personally created worksheets and the P90X Classic Schedule HERE. If this is your first time through P90X, I suggest you stick to doing just P90X, exactly as it is laid out. If this is your 2nd or 3rd time through, I can work with you to create a hybrid. A good place to start is the TRN 1-on-1 Headquarters that will have all 36 1-on-1 reviews along with which workouts are interchangeable. Click HERE.

5) Get ready to dial-in your nutrition. This is the most important thing in your transformation. I can work with you to create a baseline food plan once you have read through the P90X Nutrition Guide. See HERE for more. There is a TON of nutritional information on my site.

6) Start thinking about supplements. This is last leg of the 3-legged stool  (Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements.) You can see this post HERE for more. I have actually dialed back my supplements from what I was taking here. It is a very individualized thing that I am happy to work with you on.

7) Snap & Measure – Before & After photos need to be submitted to be eligible for the Grand Prize. Before photos should be taken the weekend before the start (9/16-9/19) and After photos should be taken 12/17 or 12/18. Photos do not need to be submitted until AFTER the Challenge is complete. Please feel free to share progress photos on the Facebook Group if you’d like. Try and take the photos in the same location and lighting conditions if possible. Here is a post on the best way to take pictures and take your body measurements. Click HERE

‘8) Lastly and most importantly, think about your WHY and write it down. If you don’t know what a WHY is, read my post HERE. And I mean it, “Write it Down!”


Participating Coaches will vote on the Winner the week following the contest. Each Coach will submit 1 vote for a winner for someone who is not a member of his/her team. The person with the most votes wins!

The Point of the Challenge is to keep everyone motivated and involved. We encourage everyone to participate in the Facebook Group, ask questions, share your pain & glory. The single most important thing is to have FUN getting in the best shape of your life!


To enter the contest, shoot me an email (See my contact information HERE.) Then, I will ask you to friend me on Facebook so that I can add you to our Facebook group that as of this writing is 142 members strong. Click HERE to friend me on Facebook and simply state that you want to be added to the P90X Fall Challenge. Now being the competitive person I am, I would LOVE to see a Team Right Now member win this thing. I can’t vote for people on my team, but if you BRING IT, the results will come and you will truly be amazed what happens after 90 days. I started posting Success Stories HERE, but I want to start seeing some TRN success stories. This is the time to change your life and get “super sonic X fit” (that’s a Tonyism). You are not alone and you will have me along with so many others motivating you through this.

To hopefully provide a little inspiration, I have included some pictures of myself through the years along with two videos below. The first is my original 1 year video that included P90X, P90X Plus, Insanity, and Shakeology. The second is my journey through the 30-day Insanity Asylum challenge. And if that doesn’t motivate you enough, I have included my coach’s transformation (Wayne Wyatt). He arguably has had the best transformation ever recorded for P90X and will actually be in the P90X2 workouts. His transformation video is close to hitting 375,000 views. He has been my coach since June of last year and has been a source of inspiration for me.

In case you want to see the new P90X Infomercial and watch it over and over again like I do when I come across it on the TV, click HERE.

I look forward to everyone Bringing It RIGHT NOW!

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